Is Marijuana a depressant?

I was just wondering because all other drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, delight and even caffiene are depressants and the drug basically causes a chemical imbalance contained by the brain. Can marijuana cause chemical imbalances? I never heard ever within my life of THC being a depressant. But like adjectives drugs I could only imagine so thats why I came here to press it. Is marijuana a depressant? if so why and how does it cause depression? what does it do to your brains chemical structure in the long run?
Best Answer: Alcohol is a depressant, but caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy are stimulants. Marijuana is not really classified as any because it has a mix of effects. Depressant does not mean it causes depression, it mechanism that it slows down certain metabolic processes. For marijuana this is primarily manifested by muscle relaxation and lowered blood pressure, or basically the relaxed or drowsy reaction most people experience when on this drug. Stimulant is basically the opposite, it stimulates reliable metabolic processes. This is why people who are on cocaine or meth or ecstasy are generally energized, and addict are frequently very thin because stimulants suppress the appetite and speed up metabolism. Some people who smoke marijuana enjoy almost the opposite effect than most people - they get hugely anxious. It causes increased heart rate (and low blood pressure, that was intentional in covering you are questioning that), and that can make people quality anxiety. That effect is considered a stimulant effect. All stimulants and depressants alter brain function, usually temporarily but if abused or overused can cause a permanent change within brain function. Stimulants are more known for causing permanent chemical imbalance when abused, even permanent psychosis (hallucinations, or general misperception of reality). Many people enjoy the misperception that prescribed stimulants (amphetamines like Ritalin, Adderal, Focalin, etc.) are completely safe because of their use as a pharmaceutical. While they are safe if used as prescribed, they still own potential to cause the same side effects as illegal stimulants if they are taken more than prescribed or contained by different ways (like snorting, or breaking a capsule, or injecting). The other problem with lumping marijuana into these categories is that unlike most of them, marijuana is not chemically addictive. Drugs similar to cocaine and methamphetamine cause a chemical change in the brain which cause a chemical addiction in addition to a physical addiction. Though many will try to report you that it is chemically addictive, they are really mistaking physical addiction for chemical addiction. If it makes you feel good, you want to save feeling that way so you keep doing the drug. Chemical addiction includes severe bill symptoms with abrupt discontinuation of the drug. While there are some subtraction symptoms associated with it's use, they are usually restricted to people who smoke a lot for a long time, and the symptoms are not medically precarious. If a cocaine addict were to stop abruptly, that party risks death from withdrawal symptoms if not properly taken fastidiousness of. A more practical explanation would be: you don't see very many people lose their position, house, family, and belongings because of pot, but that situation is frequent among cocaine or meth addicts. The other complication of marijuana is that there is a lawful medical use for it, while cocaine, meth, ecstasy, and alcohol have no medical use. Just in luggage someone tries to argue this, cocaine and heroin used to be used in hospitals about a century ago, but are no longer used because the health risks of their use far outweigh the benefits. Sorry for the long explanation, but I hope it clarified this for you.


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Yes it is. If you're so worried roughly speaking your brain chemicals and all that stuff why don't you get some ex cerise and stopping trying to find a reason to smoke weed. YES pot is a mind ALTERING DRUG and yes it messes near your chemicals. I just answered your other question man. People suffer from every type of drugs, that is why in that are rehabs for people that use and abuse them. If you're depressed get out and do something next to your self. I did it so can you!

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caffeine is a stimulant

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technically its a halucinogen. it will stop nerve impulses in your brain. for example pot smokers once in a while dream. quit smoking and you will start dreaming again. keep smoking and you wont care about the answer, or forget the cross-examine.

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"alcohol have no medical use" Lies. Though those uses are not related to drinking it.

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Marijuana is a depressant, but it is so much fun.

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