When is it okay to use listerine mouth rinse after pulling a tooth?

i had my tooth pulled 2 weeks ago but there is still a little bit of a hole within the space. do i need to wait until it is completely healed in the past using listerine mouth rinse and drinking through a straw?
Best Answer: About 48 hours. give the hole sometimes to regain its skin molecular structure and by then using listerine wont burn the punture


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you can always use a mouth clear up after about 48hrs once the skin has closed over the hole

ok. i lost a fully fledged tooth and...

I just have my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday and I was told to start using mouth wash, after 24-48 hours. The mouth rinse helps fights off any infections. As for using a straw, I reflect on I would wait until the holes are closed up, at least that's my plan.

my dentist say my teeth will again turn...

24 to 48 hours is usually the norm for not drinking or swishing anything after extractions. You should be fine with swishing beside Listerine. I would however do it gently as to not disturb the healing area.


When I have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted at once I was told to rinse beside salt water the morning after the extractions and for the first week and after that I can use mouthwash, but not Listerine because it may iritate the extraction sites.

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