Cleaning out tradition tooth extraction holes... oblige?

Alrighty, let me fill ya in on what's going on. A little over two weeks ago I have all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and much to my surprise- knock on wood- I've had little to no trouble beside them. Until now. Now, I'm not sure of it, but every so often I get minor foul taste in my mouth which seem to be originating from one of my teachings teeth holes. It tastes like rotten food may be lodged in it, but using a bedside light I cannot see anything, and I've been vigorously swishing and using a hooked syringe to clean the holes out- but the holes comes out verbs every time! I even attempted a Q-tip dipped in salt water tonight to see what would begin, but it too is clean. Perhaps I am simply being paranoid, but is there any sure-fire track to be sure? Any better methods to clean the holes? Would a medicinal listerine rinse help? Or maybe even trying peroxide?
Best Answer: Wow. All 4 at once? You're a trooper! You already down the suggestion I was going to give. (Q-Tip) But one thing I can say aloud is that you really need to be careful with over cleaning because you could disturb the clotting process and finish up with a latent dry socket. Pure excruciating pain at it's finest. For in a minute, just let it heal and rinse beside a non-alcohol mouthwash to help kill the bacteria and hopefully the smell.


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it could be coming from the extraction socket, but it sounds approaching your doing everything right to prevent bacteria, and keep your mouth clean, so i dont know what to report to you.

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Don't use peroxide. I would continue with warm saline water gargling. The salt will verbs any infection out and keep your mouth clean and it won't hurt. Also, have your dentist clutch a look at it. If it has gotten something in it and you are getting a bad nibble because of it, you may have an infection.

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Meg, I assume you have not had profoundly of pain from the extraction sites, so little chance of dry socket. Initially you do not want to clean out the sockets to not disrupt the blood clot that forms (like a scab over a wound). After two weeks in that should be enough tissue at the bottom of the socket that you can irrigate the socket. See your oral surgeon's office and ask for a monoject irrigating syringe. It has a curved tip, no syringe. You pull the plunger back with the tip surrounded by a cup of warm salt water and placidly irrigate each socket. You will usually get some funky stuff coming out. The sockets will heal eventually whether you do this or not, but this may hold the junk from building up.

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