Why Does my retainer hurt so much?

I got my braces off on monday 2 days ago and i hold wore my retainer the whole time except while eating, brushing, bit of the first night and when i play with it popping it surrounded by and out with my toung. I woke up with such a tooth tenderness and it hasnt gone away! I am in a lot of anguish, what i dont understand is why it hurts so much they took a mold of my teeth and i got the retainer (clear invisilign type) 3 hours following, they said it would feel like for a moment presure but they didnt say it would feel this fruitless, im a tough cookie but i cant even sleep it feels like someone is ripping out my front teeth. Please relief, will it go away? is taking it out part of the problem?

I own in recent times diluted mouthwash that say "do not dilute"!! assist!??

Answers:    may be too much pressure on it, try to losen it.

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When I first get retainers, it hurt really bad, almost as bad as when I first get braces. My advice would be to leave them on so that your teeth will procure used to them. It will take about 4-5 days for the discomfort to go away. Meanwhile, take a dull pain reliever and gargle with warm brackish water. Hope you get better soon. k... you hold to wait at least a month past you play pop it with your tongue lol
if you just get your braces off mon your teeth are still healing from have them ripped off your teeth! Just take some tylenol for the twinge and wait a couple weeks before u pop them. I know it's tough to resist but unless u want the pain.

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it usually takes a while to go and get used to your retainer. just give it some time. but near is a chance that your orthodontist made your retainer to tight.

also i dont recommend invisalign. it doesnt really help much within my opinion. it actually made my teeth worse.

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its cuz wen the retainer is within ther then that means its working and dont play wit it contained by ur mouth then it will hurt worse! Your teeth probably moved some during that first night, which is section of the cause (the other part man that a retainer really is like braces all over at first). I'd recommend taking some painkillers for in a minute and seeing if it gets better after a day or two. Also I would recommend not popping it surrounded by and out with your tongue. It puts more stress on your ligaments, making it more painful, and I've in actuality broken my retainer doing that (trust me, trying to put a new one back within after it takes them a week to fix it is a lot worse than only just one night).

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