HIV and donating plasma?

I have been giving plasma for almost two years now. I know that they verbs the plasma that is infected with HIV. Do they call the being who donated the plasma that they may have the disease? Or can the person continue to donate in need ever knowing? Just wondering.
Best Answer: They should tell them. What they may do is contact the CDC and they contact the person. Michelle


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I would assume that they contact the person who is donating infected plasma.

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The blood mound tests all blood products and would tell you if you have HIV. It is the law.

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The person who donated will be contacted very discretely.

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Of course they do check the blood until that time using it for other patients. I believe they would've called you if you had any problems with plasma which is slice of your blood circulation.

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When you donate blood products, it is mandated that it be screened for several clinical conditions, including infectious agents, notably HIV. Those who screen your blood should inform you if they have found out that you may have this particular disease, more so if for example they've determined that you're HIV positive, which is significantly communicable (transmissible), eventually debilitating and ultimately, fatal.

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From experience with a friend that be infected, the people from the health facility that you donate to, can tell you that the likelihood of getting HIV through any blood products donated or sold today are none, zero, meaning it can't happen. Whenever any blood is taken it must be tested first, consequently the person that donated would be informed that they must come in to be treated so they can keep contained by as much good immune system health as possible and it doesn't go full blown. Relax, and if you ever contract HIV, after get a good HIV doctor. There is usually a list available from the robustness department or any HIV outlet. You can live a long life with HIV if you take precision of yourself. Good luck and God Bless


All blood and plasma that is donated is tested for HIV, hepatitis, and some other infectious diseases. When blood or plasma tests positive for HIV, hepatitis, or any other infectious disease that they test for, the donor is other notified. The donor is also told that they can never donate again. It concerns me that you think that they would not notify the person around a positive test, and that you think the person could verbs to donate. It would be unethical, and extremely dangerous, for the hospital or blood donation center to not notify a donor who tests positive. If someone is infected, they want to know ASAP so they can get appropriate medical care, and have a better occasion of living healthier, longer. Also, the person needs to know in the order of the infection ASAP so they can take steps to prevent infecting other people. Many HIV infections occur because someone who does not know they are infected pass the virus on to others. Another issue is, it would not make any sense for a hospital or blood donation center to continue to allow someone they KNOW is HIV+ to donate, because they would be wasting everyone's time. The blood would have to be destroyed. BTW: Donation centers are massively careful. My brother used to donate blood, until he tested positive for something. His primary doctor retested him thoroughly, and found that the result that the blood donation center got was a false positive. Even though the positive result be false, my brother is never allowed to donate blood again.

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