Is 124/87 an okay bloop pressure reading?

I gave birth to my daughter at 33 week gestation because of preeclampsia on January 4, 2008. Since then, I've have high blood pressure. Right now I'm taking the generic form of Norvasc. Lately it's be keep my blood pressure readings around 110-117/70-80...I know to be exact perfect! However, tonight my husband took me out to dinner and I had some lobster, which I'm sure is moderately high in sodium, so after my prescription my blood pressure is still anywhere around 123/84-127/87. Are those okay readings for blood pressure. I know they are just for a moment high but not considered high blood pressure until it reach 140/90. Is this something I should be worried about?

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Answers:    your good, but worring going on for it this much is not going to help it

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[Quick answer: 120/80 is considered the normal blood pressure reading for a glowing adult. Thus, you're pretty much at the right spot! However, if you're at 140/90, you should definitely be in motion see a doctor, since it may require some prescription drugs to drop it back down to a safer range.

If you're still worried, check it again surrounded by 24 hours and see what happens. It should probably level out again by after.]

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I'd be thrilled with those readings if they be mine! no, that's normal. Really worry just about it when it's over 140/90.

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yes it is

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