To trust ultrasound or CT scan? Missed cancer??

My last post on this. I am 26 8 mo ago dr. felt lump within my neck. Had an ultrasound and the lump was ,arked as a 1 cm solid noudle on thyroid. Well I have a thyroid scan and it was normal as all right as normal bloodwork.

So dr. said it must not be on my thyroid and it was fine. So I have a CT scan, and it came out normal. All the dr.'s I own been two feel the lump and I do also. I also own place behind my ear that the dr said was a lymph node and on my superclavical.

Why would these things not show up on CT scan. How can something show up on ultrasound but not CT? All these trial were done witin 3 weeks of each other. What should I do. I am other tired and have been for months. Did the lump turn away after 8 mo? All of my thyroid stuff is normal, and bloodwork is also. What should I make of this?

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Answers:    I am not sure what you are seeking here by asking this a second time . . . if you want to know if you can trust the ultrasound or CT scan . . the answer is NO. NO. NO.

These are lately tools to guide a doctor . . they are not definitive . . and yes they can miss cancer . . completely and totally not even pick it up on the scan. I know. My son died. He had abdominal sarcoma and had numerous CT, PET, MRI, and ultasound . . sometimes he have to have them together to try and determine how much disease and where it be located. Both the CT and PET failed to detect a 4cm pelvic tumor that had molded itself around the colon . . .didn't spot it for over 9 months. It took an endoscopic ultrasound to confirm it be present . .and than the radiologist and doctors went back over former times 9 month scans . . and saw it! Too late. The CT and PET also totally missed the extent of disease . . we be told a few tiny nodules on his liver . .turned out his right diaphragm was 'caked' with hundreds of small nodules . . neither CT or PET help in that instance either. Please do not rely totally on these scan. Go for a second opinion . . and if possible ask for a biopsy as i.e. the only way to really confirm whether you are dealing beside something benign or something malignant.

Go back to your doctor and tell them you want to know exactly what you are dealing near. I just know so many, abundant cases of misdiagnosis . . patients told it was nothing to verbs about . . and a few months or year later . . told that it be malignant. You need a definitive answer . . and excision or biopsy of the 'lump' may be the only approach (go cautiously with this too as it may be better to remove it adjectives at once, especially if it is malignant).

As far as focusing just on the thyroid . . this lump may not be associated with the thyroid at adjectives . .cancer can occur anywhere . . now that they own ruled out thyroid issues . .than concentrate on exactly what this lump could be. There are different types of head and neck cancer to investigate as well . . don't stop until you have a definitive answer.

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i hold breast cancer and i asked what the difference was in the ct scan, ultrasounds and MRI's. they told me that a MRI gives a 3-d effect and they could see what was going on better next to a MRI. so i suggest that you see another doctor and ask for a mri. good luck. dont stop seeing doctors.. my friend was told she have nothing by 4 doctors... she had stage 4 hodgkins at the time...

also ct's dont other tell truth... mum had tumour which didnt show up...

possibly get a blood test and ask for cea (cancer marker) sometimes shows if cancer.. mums go up to 16 when had tumour.. normally should be resembling 2

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Any other symptoms your having, I'm dealing with something that dr. can't find as powerfully all blood work normal and have CT scan and to see the answers you get beside this question?? A cat scan can show something going on my dad had cancer surrounded by his left lobe of his lung and they found it by a cat scan... SO I'd go wager on and make someone listen.. you yourself know ur own body... GOOD LUCK

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1st palpable lymph nodes aren't all impossible. If a node appears normal, the radiologist will not comment on it even though it is present on CT.
CT is a poor test to detect thyroid nodule and can smoothly miss one. The US is the best to find a nodule and see if it is solid or cystic. The nuclear test will only show increased or decrease activity in the nodule and offer little in diagnosis. If your blood work is normal, the thyroid nodule is not making you sick but it can still be irregular and I recommend a repeat US with a fine needle aspirate (FNA) of the nodule. Thyroid cancer surrounded by a 26 year old is not very adjectives. Over an 8 month period of follow-up, this should have progressed if it be a malignancy. From the web site listed below, "99% of thyroid nodules are not cancer."

Small residual non-tender lymph nodes contained by the 1 cm range are commonly found in the upper cervical secure behind an ear or in the supraclavicular space. CT scan often will not pick up small residual nodes in the 1 cm selection in these areas.
(I have to guess at the size since you did not narrate us how large the lymph nodes are. If they were 2 cm or more, your doctors would probably be order a biopsy.)

If your thyroid studies - especially the TSH - are all normal, the tiredness should not be related to hypothyroidism. There are MANY problems that can end in general fatigue other than hypothyroidism. A thyroid malignancy this small would not be life-size enough to cause nonspecific fatigue.

This is what makes internal medicine so stimulating - trying to sort through all the possible problems and find the one that explains your situation - - and hopefully allows for a positive therapeutic intervention. The knob will be follow-up and a lot of careful thinking on your doctor's part of the pack. Sometimes the best test is the "test of time."

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I would jump to an ENT surgeon as well. The can do a fine needle biospy to let somebody know exactly what it is. Hopefully it's nothing and at the very tiniest ease your mind about it. It's a severely easy, pretty much painless procedure. I've had two and they weren't uncomfortable at all.
While it may not be "common" for a 26 year old to procure Thyroid cancer, I can tell you from first hand experience that it does appear. (I was 25.) I have academic that you need to be proactive about your vigour. Good Luck! CT scans and ultrasound may see the body differently, and sometimes one test may reveal a problem missed by another. The same is true beside MRI.

If you have normal bloodwork, thyroid scan, CT scan but near lumps/nodes that you can feel, then I would consider seeing an otolaryngologist/ENT surgeon. You can hold a persistent benign condition, but sometimes it's worth a biopsy to be sure.

For now, don't verbs too much but follow up with your doctor. Discuss whether you should see an ENT with your doctor and move about from there.

:) Matt

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Go to a ear, nose and throat doctor asap. I have a lump like your describing and the doctors told me it was nought to worry about. it be a parotid tumor in that same gland and had to enjoy surgery june 11 08 to remove it. the tumor was benign but have a honest possibility of being cancer. you need to hold the salvatory gland checked also asap. they found the parotid tumor with a mri with contrast right luck but go to ent doctor (ear,nose,throat) asap and ask for a mri directed for chief and neck area. a specialist (ontornoligy) come first and neck surgeon will be able to describe you whats going on. good luck.My doctor is in lubbock tx (phillip scolaro) appropriate luck.tell them something is wrong and you want an mri and have them check both glands (PAROTID and SAVATORY). apposite luck

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