Yellow lump on the eye lid.?

My boyfriend has recently be suffering from Conjunctivitis, he has now see a yellow lump on his inner eye lid in the corner, he said it is uncomfortable.
Any idea what this could be?
Please reply as soon as possible!!
Thank you.

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Answers:    I trained initially as a nurse, and at one time, was working beside people with this benign of problem and similar. It sounds like a form of sty, but probably because of the area it is contained by, could be an ulcer or small abscess.

Wash the hands thoroughly first, as in attendance are so many germs on them. Using hot salt hose, and a cotton wool pad, place the pad over the uncomfortable area. Try to make it as hot as you can stand, and this should START to bring the herald (offending particle) to the top. Do this every four hours or so, very gently, using no pressure.

When you can see the pallid middle raised, using two cotton wool buds, steeped in the hot brackish water, rest them either side of the bump. You could use a sterilised hypodermic to ever so gently prick the very top of the raise skin, to release the pus. It will also stop hurting so much at this stage so long as you do not poke yourself in the eye!

Use gentle pressure next to the cotton buds and expel all the horrible coloured liquid, and hopefully a frozen white lump will pop out. Make sure to clean up all the coloured gooey.

With a fresh cotton bud, dab the top of the bump with saline water solution again. Keep this area verbs and do not put fingers on it.

If you are unable to expel the yellow stuff, which should enjoy a hard white lump under it, step to the doctor who will either excise it for you, (prick it and expel the pus) or, will put you on anti-biotics.

You could wear an eye patch, to protect it from dust and you accidentally rubbing it with your fingers.

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It could be a stye, a bacterial infection of the lid that can be cured near simple topical antibiotic, or it could be a chalezion which is caused by a blockage of the gland, resulting in an stack of fluids. A chalezion is not an infection, and it can be removed manually by an ophthalmologist. The only way you'll know though is after trying the antibiotic, it doesn't travel away after 7 days. Good luck. Chalazia and hordeola are sudden-onset localized swellings of the eyelid. A chalazion is caused by noninfectious meibomian gland occlusion, whereas a hordeolum is caused by infection. Both conditions initially incentive eyelid hyperemia and edema, swelling, and pain. With time, a chalazion becomes a small nontender nodule within the eyelid center, whereas a hordeolum remains painful and localizes to an eyelid margin. Diagnosis is clinical. Treatment is beside hot compresses. Both conditions improve spontaneously, but incision or, for chalazia, intralesional corticosteroids may be used to hasten resolution.
Consult an Ophthalmologist.

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This is just for a while cyst. It can be painfull but will soon go. Don't rub it or put dirty hands essential it. If it is sore, bath gently beside warm salt wet 2-3 times a day. Try resting the eye by sleeping. If this is not possible during the afternoon, wear an eye patch. If the eye is kept closed, it will not keep rubbing on the eye ball. You should stop by and put in the symptoms there.
Get some professional suggestion!

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