Why does a nostril plug up whenever I sleep on my side?

Whenever summer/winter comes by, whenever I lay/sleep on my side, like on my left side, my left nostril plugs up. Then I roll over to the right side and next my right nostril plugs up. Then I get up and I can breathe normally again. This has be going for as long as I can remember and it really kind of bothers me. Any idea why it happens?
Best Answer: you hold some congestion in your sinuses. could be allergies. It's not enough congestion to bother you during normal diversion during the day. but when you lie on one side all the congestion flows to the side you're lying on - so that side of your antenna (and sinuses gets blocked.) you could try taking a decongestant before going to bed. try one 10 mg sudafed (or equivalent). it may be just plenty to clear your sinuses for the night and get a better night's sleep.


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Your body only ever uses one nostril at a time, and they switch sour about every two hours. This has to do with blood flow issues. When you sprawl on your side the blood pools there (don't worry, not harmful) but the blood vessels swell, and your body shifts breathing duties to the other nostril, where on earth airflow isn't constricted. When you stand up and walk around, the blood flows normally again.

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i would really love to know this too sometimes even when i'm standing it happens i try to blow my proboscis i even try picking i know that's gross

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Hi, I used to have that problem, too. You will be surprised to find out the answer is that you probably have an allergy to dairy products. I cut out all dairy products and my nostrils do not clog up when I sleep on my side anymore. You will obligation to get a bread maker, almost all bread contains some form of milk, lactose, whey, yogurt, milk solids, milk protein, etc. You will not be capable of eat most packaged, processed or restaurant foods, they almost always stick cheese or dairy surrounded by them. Welcome to owning your nose finally!!

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