What anesthesia doesn't knock you out but make you forget the surgery?

I have it when I have my knowledge teeth taken out. Supposedly I be awake during the process, but I have no memory of it afterwards.

Pain on my right side, waist area?

Answers:    The medication is call Versed - Midazolam. There is another one call Propofol but I would feel a dental bureau used Versed. It is upright stuff!

Can i still exercise on elliptical machine on a sprained ankle?

propofol is a white injection they put contained by your iv, those surrounded by the medical paddock bid it "milk of amnesia" also versed will enjoy impossible to tell apart effect, they give me both during my wisdome tooh extraction. hope this help. Also the combo beside a narcotic spasm medication near produce matching item. be your clothes on backwards when you woke?

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