What is a blown artery?? A nurse blew two of mine i was just wondering what that designed besides PAIN lol.?

I go to the ER lastnight and they be trying to put an IV contained by me in good health she tried once and she said o i blew it...after she tried again and she also said she blew that one so she get another nurse to come and do it. What is she conversation roughly when she say blew it?? All i know is that my appendage is two diff colors and that it hurts really doomed to failure.And what can i do for the misery i tried over the conter anguish meds but that does nil.

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Answers:    "Blowing a vein" is a residence used primarily when starting IV's. "It took me two tries, the first time I blew a vein". You've punctured the venous wall not merely next to your initial puncture but at another site. Sometimes you can transmit straight away as the blood leaves the artery swelling and discoloration transpire. Sometimes you don't know until you flush the IV beside mundane saline and the site swells. Swelling is what you look for.

General Anesthesia fears?

Stuff happen and sometimes things do not stir according to plan. I am sure the RN who did this is sorry. Blown Vein could miserable that it be infiltrated or you may enjoy moved when it be mortal inserted goal it go somewhere it be not supposed to be. Apply rime to bring down the swelling 20 mins on 20mins bad. Good luck.

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