should I switch from briefs to boxers?

I'm 16 years old and I've worn briefs all my life. The individual thing about boxers I'm afraid of is i wont get used to them.
Best Answer: you will, boxers agree to your nuts, and ball sack and dick/penis hang free, it feels correct, expect when they 'swing' everywhere, when they hit your leg it doesnt feel so good.


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depends it will make you touch more free down there

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switch, im a boy who were briefs and switch to boxers, you'll WILL get used to them.

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You should wear anything you feel comfortable wearing.

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I love boxers and loose boxer briefs.. but do w/e you want.. whatever makes your friend cheery :)

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u could try them sure

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[L[[M][A][O] OMFG ur 16 and ur not wearing boxers i switch wen i was 7 lol......or d u got a small lil nibler down there lo : )

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try a set of two and see if you like them My man switched for a while and felt very mortified hanging out the bottom of the boxers. He now wears nylon briefs (they support his pack and feel good).

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wear whatever makes you comfortable...but when your elder...briefs are cute :)

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does not hurt to try them and see if you like them if not boxers try boxer-briefs they may help brand name the switch easier.

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if you want to.. you can

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i wore breafes till i was 14 then i switched to boxers i got use to them within a day or two


For me it's a problem if my lower friend is allowed to roam freely. I am sometimes then far too evident for polite society. Briefs pass me some control over my appearance: it's odd that women are encouraged to display -- indeed enlarge -- their sexual equipment but men must inhibit display.

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well seeing as how you are used to the support you should any stay in briefs of switch to boxer briefs. boxers have no support (so if you get a boner you enjoy to watch out xD) if you play sports keep the briefs (who cares if they look gay or something, it is merely underwear, used for comfort) since they keep support. some boxer briefs rude up and can sometimes get uncomfortable. but simply to your preference

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