How much does a penis weigh?

I was holding my penis and wondering how much it weighs.Whats the average weight for a masculine penis?
Best Answer: 64oz.


TOO much damp dreams...!!?

idk maybe a pound

I'm a 15 year ripened manly.?

15 lbs.

Curious, something like the men sperm?

1.5 pounds

For teen guys and babyish grown males...?

close to nothing, think nearly what it actually is. It's a fleshy sponge.

Why do my farts smell resembling tropical fruit?

less than 2 lbs for sure no matter the size.

There is a wierd shaped brown spot on...

I can't speak for every mannish, but mine is around 11 1/2 pounds

am i going to grow and how high-ceilinged?

im not sure but im sure its not a lot. just a lb or two.

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