Men's Health: Has your mom or sister ever caught you masturbating?

Can you give details on what it was like. Probably pretty funny?
Best Answer: No. At lowest possible I don't think so. If anybody did, I don't know about it, and they haven't said anything about it. I'm sure my parents know though. A young boy. Yeah. Kinda obvious that I would be doing something sometime. I just don't know if they know when... :)


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Ya I caught my brother, haha lmao

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Why are you so careless? Did they comment on your masturbation when they see you? Both your mum and sister have done or will be doing the same time already or going to. Be careful next time.

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i'm a lil disconcerted to ask...? 10 points!?

once i be over at my friends house and i started talking to his mom and he told me to just meet him surrounded by his room. and i talked to her longer than i expected when i went to him he was masterbating =\ he stumbled to seize his pants on . now we roll with laughter about it

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No, never got caught, as they say, location, location, location!

when i cum i cum alot at smallest...

that s a unruly question... but it happened i was masturbating and mum a short time ago came to my room when i shot.. i put the pants on quickly but the cum where on earth everywhere around me on bed.. she saw it and smelled it.. hehehe what a moment..!!

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Yes, no problem, they understand the need, they admit to doing indistinguishable themselves! Perfectly normal.

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i thought my mom was almost gonna catch me and i be so scared but it turned out she was going to the restroom instead of going to alk in on me

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my dad caught me once, lately walked past the doorway and looked in. at hand i was flat out on the bed. he didnt say anything and i just thought i saw somebody overrun the door. he's been calling me wanker/tossa ever since :D . its ok we have that kind of funny friendship, i call upon him little lags, but we love each other

please answer. EASY 10 POINTS!?

(a)Richard Head; Wincest. lmao

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some of these answers are hilarious :P

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Yes I did see my bf doing in the bed room while he go to change his cloths. I guessed as i saw some bulging in his pant and I too was little horny by watching him..Any agency all men do it

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HECK NO! i just go into the bathroom and lock the door...its that simple. oh and i also stay up belatedly...that helps!

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Never! I always do it in privacy, most of the times surrounded by the shower.

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yeah by my elder cousin sis i was using her panties to get off when she caught me she a short time ago smiled

Am I still growing? (I'm 18)?

yea it was really funny cause i was sitting near and all of sudden my mom was standing right there it be really funny

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haha whay!! 2xman? I think your making it up, she smelt it?:S Do you ave a problem mate?

why does c** soft spot so ruthless?!?

Just like if you drive long enough you will enjoy an accident.

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