Why do my farts smell close to tropical fruit?

I'm on my little sisters account. Why does my farts smell like tropical fruit? I don't know. Its creepy. One day I farted within front of my dad and he was like "Son, that ain't normal. It smells resembling tropical fruit from Tahiti" So is there anything wrong with me? Should I be worried that my fart smells better then anyone elses? It's kinda creepy. I imply, I smell good when I fart! Or is it just a good assistance for myself. I don't know. Please Help! PS. I eat alot of donuts. Does that contribute to any of the nice smelling stuff? HELP! I'm getting desperate here!! me eating: http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa65/...
Best Answer: ummm ok little miss sunshine i doubt that your father callled you "SON"


is masterbation reduced size of penis and tilt...


You know when muscley guys capture the muscely...

Was this a dare from the Polls and Surveys section? If your serious, LOL

My testicles are particularly fundamentally small?

You must be consumption a ton of fruit loops!

what type of nipples you most similar to?

lol lier

How do I return with over circumcision anger?

Do you get off sticking Mike and Ikes up your behind? :)

How can a man near two penises own...

I farted skittles once...Taste the Rainbow.

Klinefelter's syndrome?

Does your asss shoot skittles too?

Erection angle of Penis?

lier,ur boredd haha

Adults one and only cross-question...?

Because you are so sweet.

cross-examine just about cramps?


How can i concluding longer during sex?


does mastubration effect any defect about condition?

It is fairly related to what you eat. What exactly is in those donuts? Guava filling? Strawberry jelly?

Which Herbal Medicine lessen masculine impotency?

Really,cheat Lucky! lol!

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