whats that white stuff that comes out of my penis?

this morning i was playing with myself on the couch and then white gooey came out of the top. i am very scared, do i hold a disease or something?
Best Answer: it is semen or cumm


puberty for boys what age?

That would be semen.

Dirty Flesh lighting Used, Sanitation/Health query?

Semen? :P If you're going to masterbate, shouldn't you know that already?

Someone impart a detailed description on the emotional...

some may say that it's a disease, like women with more than a couple kids ;-)

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Is this A Problem When I Wear Briefs?

i reflect its called seamon, those are little tiny humans, you should put those in a jar and give them to your mother.

What would you do if you could stop...

OMG OMG OMG that sounds approaching a pus infection! go to the doctor immediately! make sure you explain to your mom and have her take you there! and dont forget to describe your dad too! see what he thinks of it!

Is it common to want to see my...

this is natures way of describing you that you are SATAN!

Is my penis everyday?

Its called sperm.. i just started sperming 2 weeks ago.. just turned 13 1 month ago.. sperm comes out when you hold an orgasm

Any home/common sense treatment for phimosis?

wow. thats really sad. how old are you? its SEMEN

I am a 16 and my nipples are...

Jelly Beans. Better ask your Mom, maybe you should see a doctor.

Thrush Or Yeast Infection? (male)?

Semen?.... sperm is surrounded by it and stuff? You should've learned about it in human growth & nouns...?

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it is cum!

How long does the actual intercourse concluding?

semen. aka cum, jizz, jism, man milk, cream, sperm

what should the average size of my penis...

hahahahahahaha! it's called sperm u retard!

Sex Help! *best anwser 10 points* Sex Help!?

- hey Bod ! - that would be semen, sperm, c u m. - that happens when 1 has an orgasm & it's totally majority for that 2 happen when U play with yourself like that.

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holy crap, you enjoy white stuff? mines green. i know for a fact that you should go to the doctor, its a possibility you have aids.

i hold be masturbating since previously i could...

Oh, that's freshly your AIDS flaring up.

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