What will ensue to my penis if I hold too much ejection?

I 'm worried please tell me the truth!
Best Answer: OK, you either mean too much ejaculation or too masses erections. If you mean too much ejaculation -- it can't happen. If you jerk or own sex more times in a day than your body (genetics determine this, it varies) can handle, next your penis will get sore. It will be fine the next day though, and you will know to slim down the number of times one per day. If you mean too many erections - -that can't come to pass at all. If you have THE SAME erection for more than 4 hours, even after you ejaculate (by jerking it) AND it starts to hurt - be in motion to the urgent care - but that is almost completely unheard of without Viagra. The truth is your penis is fine. Its built to obtain hard all the time and to c*m all the time -- and you should product sure it does both. That is the real truth. Kindest thoughts, Hernes


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You can't have too much ejection.

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It will only hurt you letting you to stop. But if you still verbs it will hurt more until you stop. But then when you stop you will be OK. Don't worry

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Well youve seen what happen when fighter pilots eject, they fly out of the planes at hundreds of miles an hour and parachute down to safety, same principle if your penis has too much ejection, it will fly out from your trousers and parachute down to the ground and flop around for a while until that time being taken away in an ambulance. The violent ejection forces enjoy a tendency to hurt your penis.

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