Small Bugs within my Underwear!?

Hello everybody. I don't know what was it. there is a small bugs in my underwear. I cleaned my underwear abundant times. I changed it many times. But still no changes.. Please somebody tell me? what is that bug? why bugs within my underwear...? i'm not dirty... Why why why... My english is bad sorry.
Best Answer: You didn't describe the bugs. Could they be fleas, or lice? Have you checked your underwear drawer? If you have pets, they could very okay be fleas, and your whole house will have to be treated. You need to describe these bugs.If they're lice, you also hold to use a special shampoo to kill them on your body. You didn't mention if you had unusual itching, or if they're biting you. It would be very productive if you could re-post your question and include some of these details.


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sounds like fleas, you been playing near the dog or cat.? sounds like crabs, you been having sex next to someone who also had crabs?

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go to the doctor! that's a bacterial std. those bugs attach to your body and reproduce really fast

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im pretty sure thats the bed bugs. you can go and get them from places out side of Canada & USA. I'm not sure tho,

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I'm suggesting wearing briefs from now on

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- hey Help ! - check U're pubes 2 see if U have crabs. - in that these tiny little bugs that hides in there & they look close to, well... "crabs", lol. - if that's the case, then U'll hold 2 completely shave U're pubes off 2 eliminate them. - there is no other agency 2 get rid of them, cuz they lay lots of eggs, so except for being fully shave, they'll simply come back. - if U slept next to a girl recently, then U probably got them from her. - also ! - gross sure 2 check in all of the hairs on U're body, cuz they can migrate 2 other places. - I know it bites, but that's what U own 2 do unless U buy the special treatment 2 get rid of them & it's expensive. - if U don't see any, them it was probably just a fluke 2 find 1 surrounded by U're undies. - good luck & bye

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Sounds to me like it could be crabs. Here's my suggestion shave your pubes or go to the doctor. They will pass you a shampoo that will kill the crabs and you may still need to shave to get totally rid of them.

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