I accidentally touched my teacher "Penis" HELP?

Okay I wouldn't say touched it but Me and my friends were running and I bumped into him, my hand accidentally rubbed his beneath area..and I think I did it hard because I could have a feeling something... I didn't mean too and now I feel so awkward around him please facilitate tomorrow is the last day of school! and I don't want things to be awkward HELP?
Best Answer: hahaha! oh my god that's soooo funny!


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ay if it be an accident dont worry, just try to forget roughly it.


Act as if nothing happened, I'm sure it has happen to him before, it has to all us guys

i dont know if i own a problem...?

as long as he,s not mentioning it next forget about it.

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Best thing would be to just relay him that you are sorry if you touched him innappropriately and that it was a simple accident. He'll probably not care, probably won't even really remember it produce our penis's get rubbed against things in normal on a daily basis activities, just the same as our elbows would. Or you could try and slight it, but I think that would cause you more problems, my ex's little cousin did that to me unintentionally, she be 15 at the time, I didn't even know, was half asleep when she did it, next sunshine, she's avoiding me, I'd thought I'd did something wrong, then about a week later she blurted it out contained by tears, wrongly thinking I'd be angry. As soon as she'd told me, it was over, I wasn't angry, and she was relieved it was adjectives over with.

is this ok?

Just pretend it never happened and if u see him anymore just DO NOT look at his crotch and if he brings it up be similar to "Oh I did? I didn't notice. Sorry, total accident," and drop it. u'll laugh it rotten someday


pretend like nothing happened and if you verbs to feel awkward then walk up to him and simply enunciate sorry about what happened yesterday you don't have to specify what happen.

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Don't worry he's an adulf and he comprehends that it was an accident. After adjectives he's a man and he probably underatands how embarrasing that could be for u. Don't worry!

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