Is near a age when men slow down or stop have sex.?

My husband is 53 years old and for a 1 and half ago he stop having sex. No he is not seeing anyone else. If he is out of order he is at home all the time. We moved in this new house and he a short time ago stopped all together having sex. I ask him what is going on he said nothing, I am lately tried. For a year and half now. I am the same creature he married. Is that a sin not to have sex with your other half. What do you imagine , and be open minded with the answer. Married now for 7 years. Mary r.
Best Answer: I know several guys, who, within their 80's, are still having a great time with their spouses.And they don't use any help from the drug companies. But I can inform you these are great men of God, never messed around, waited until they got married, and haven't stopped loving their loved ones, or God at all. In reality, God comes before their wives, that may be a clue right there.They do stay active, and enjoy not been stressed out by divorce, addictions, etc., there of late might be something to this "living holy" stuff!


When i rigid my gut i can see...

uh viagra

How should I shave, you guys??

see a doctor. he is very young

Is it possible to never walk through puberty?

maybe he's depressed or have something physically wrong?

purely a hurried give somebody the third degree,please...

if he smokes, then the fatigue is getting to him. also work pressure and sheer boredom. some people just stop. if u are interested, you should try bringing backbone the excitement in your life.

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while we still have the drive and or desire..yes unhappily this does happen. I am 51 and at first I blamed it on my wife's lack of desire due to menopause... now I purely use the I too tied excuse.

I cant stop peeing :(?

Why can't people just be honest with their partner instead of using the I'm too tired excuse etc. Just tell your partner that you aren't finding any sex drive or horny feelings happening. A loss of sex drive, especially surrounded by the 50's is worth taking note of and following up with a doctor. It usually indicates a different health problem showing up contained by a man's sexual functional. Healthy men in their fifties ordinarily desire sex...simple! The onset of diabetes is one reason among abundant where a healthy man in his fifties would find a loss surrounded by sex drive taking place. There is so much that a doctor can do to prolong a healthy sex life, even into the unpaid 80's. A Love life is for life. It would be really disheartening for a woman, married for only 7 years to looser her lover, even surrounded by early 50's. The trouble with men is that when they loose their sex desire, they may not miss sex either, individual that for them, Making Love is sex desire driven. After having said all that,... get this stubborn man to a doctor! Ha ha! Me! :- )

Does masturbating reduce penis size?

There are so abundant possibilities it's not even funny. I'm 56 and can still go like a teenager. My female only complains because I exhaust her and am still going strong, (no viagra either) but we are all different. I have have certain times in my life when I be under great stress or physical exhaustion and didn't feel approaching it. There is also the problem of familiarity. What I mean is if you ate the finest steak for every single meal, no thing how good it was, after years of it, you would get legitimate tired of steak. The answer is not to find another dish to eat, lol, but rather go on a starvation diet until steak sounds pretty virtuous again.

Question for teh guys no girls?

yes, it is a sin. The word says his body is not his own and your body is not your own, when you marry. Don't withhold sex is what it says. I don't know where though. nobody else answered that query for you. I am starting to go through the same thing. He's slowed down to 1 time a week. So detail me how long do I have till none.

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