my sperms doesnt shoot out it dribbles out?

so when i have sex with my gf i notice that my sperm dribbles out even when i masterbate. im 18 and im worried what if subsequent on i cant have kids bcuz my sperm dribbles out. we have sex i nut it dribbles in her shell stand up and alot will come out. but other some always comes out. im woried i member when i was 16 i would shoot out my sperm. presently i just dribble. help..
Best Answer: It's okay. It really doesn't matter if your semen shoots out or dribbles. Your sperm cell do have the ability to swim, so you're fine dude. Let the sperm worry just about the swimming. You'll be fine having kids when you get ready for them.


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try drinking pinapple liquid. It makes mine runner. Exercise too iv notice makes me pop next to a bang.hehe

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Your concern is quite common and reasonably easily approacable in fixating. All you have to do is be sexually busy whike upside down. I'ts simply the laws of gravity in which if you are upside down sperm will have no choice but to stream out within a downflow. so as long as she is underneath you, it will fall at a 180 degree into her vagina, therefore making adjectives those babies you desire

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Not every guy can squirt hard and a distance and many like you semen a moment ago dribbles out . The quantities of semen produced also vary . However there are loads of sperm contained by the semen at each ejaculation and if you ejaculate inside a partner the individual sperm swim towards the target of fertilisation . . The same muscles that assist ejaculation are the ones you also use to control flow of urine when you pee , so you can help to build a bit of strangth by stopping mid flow and restarting . You just requirement to take care about slpashing though !!


Here's something you in actuality can change. If you masturbate or have sex a couple of times in a short spell of time, chances are you aren't going to ejaculate very much semen, or ejaculate very forcefully. But if you want a more star-studded ejaculation, hold back and save it up for a few days or a week. Drink a lot of river during the 6-hour period before you masturbate/ have sex, and after draw out your masturbation/sex session for as long as possible, spending a lot of time being very aroused. When you do finally ejaculate, it will probably come out next to a lot more force, and there will be much more of it than usual. Plus, it'll feel channel better than the average orgasm. Try it! hope that helps;_ylt=Ap4qsk.5L06tFqrr7V.fH.Hsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090603075628AAN34mS answer please

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It depends. You can try to shoot it out

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ask your daddy orrrr to get your gf prego put the sperm on your finger and then your finger en laaaa vageena

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without blemish normal some of us shoot some of us dribble/ooze nothing at all to verbs about

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