Can meth manufacture your eyes dilate small o big?


How old were you when you started shaving?

Answers:    small. it contracts the blood vessel contained by ur eye to variety the pupil dilate small. for some pretext meth have be know 2 spawn ur eyes focus on dark objests. this is not a fully complete experiment but it have happend 2 adjectives of the subjects.

glad 2 hlp. :)

In kegel excercise there is squeezing of pc muscle so i hold to squeeze pc muscle by hand or voluntraily?

when a personage does meth it make your pupils acquire bigger not smaller! Usually next to me, my pupils would catch huge.

Iam 14 and get hard for eaither no basis or for the dumbest reasons and sometimes it is embarrasing !?

that's a flawless interrogate i did that for years and never notice LOL

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