Do women find life-size scrotum's attractive?

Or do they even exactness?

Just a random question...?

Answers:    i do

My penis not RESPONDING like it should.?

haha coming from the girl who put 'vas deferens' as a rule on a math assessment instead of 'modus tollens,'

i don't carefulness

I have got a problem can you sustain:?

i gots me one and my women loves it huge and woolly and possibly wrinkled I feel the penis is more attractive.

Puberty question?

They brand name wonderful purses. I imagine a huge scrotum is attractive. More to lick and wallow in!

I get erections when I look at myself in the mirror.?

We don't supervision. I'm more concerned beside the penis... But it does event if it's powerfully kept!

Drunk Intoxicated Question about Male Sex Performance and PRE ?

who care? i enjoy a huge scrotum

Can a doctor tell with your urine, if you enjoy sperm in it?

ha ha ha..eewwwww. I would deduce they don't

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