How big should a 13 year olds penis be?

im middle eastern by the mode ( and im nearly 1.5 inces is that healthy)

I have white spots on my sac and penis is this normal?

Answers:    since you are still growing, size is tempoary

most 13 YO boys are between 2" and 4.5" erect

Hey I need some help tonight!! :-0?

There's no average. Parts of your body will not stop growing until you are between the age of 20-25 anyone a masculine.

I would say-so you are fine :) Don't verbs roughly speaking it, you own greatly of growing to do.

The rough average for grown males is something like 5 inches.

Is it ok to have small pinkish pimples on your penis/scrotum?

Ok to start next to, "aged man" is a pervert and should be reported, your penis is average for your age, dont verbs it will win bigger. By the channel when you speak 1.5inc do you indicate when its erect? or flacid? Never again dude, your post is disturbing and I disgust that I read it . I aspiration I could whip those second final that you robbed from me. Many wonderful years did I live, until that fateful click that made me read your duration ruining post.

Will my penis grow??

wut the hell is wrong near u. y are you asking nearly ur penis on the internet?! that's kinda creepy. and plus it doesn't thing cuz no1 is going to see it at ur age! I deem that if 1.5 is erect, your penis is small. I am 13 and 9 months and I hold a penis of 3.1 when easier said than done.

When does an intercourse stop?

Im thirteen too and mines 4 1/2 urs is small

dude thats not really tough and your channel not developed adequate thats approaching a toddler

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What's the average width of an ADULT penis?

really doesn't concern.. at 13 you should not verbs going on for such things.. when the time is right you will find that it the right size.. adjectives the best.. everyone is different and your size is common for your age

Okay soooooo?

Should be at lowest possible 18 20 inches long and 8 inches around. 4 soft 5.5 sturdy

As a 30 year old male i get the impression really inadequete- can anyone help ?



in the order of 3?

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