Is a 7 1/2 inch penis big or small?

my penis is 7 1/2 inches long and it is as all-embracing as one of those toliet serious newspaper roll(the carton part) and i wanna know is that a biddable size and for the girls, would you hold sex near a penis of that size

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Answers:    It's above average. Most men are 4 to 5 once they go by 40 it doesn't stay that route long. If you know what I imply. So savour it while you can. Sugar Daddies are just fitting for their money. Young guys are too quickly to consent to their partner delight in any size. I've have 9 and I've have "OMG jellybean" I told everyone of them they be fantastic. I married one that couldn't be see astern the bush. I loved him the most. Flog it while you still can, it isn't what a woman wishes for a partner.

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NO WAY!! Not big plenty at adjectives! My ex have an 8 inch one, and that be too small. Go find some growth supplement or something. JK. IDK if its majority., but it is fun for 14 yr ancient girls to answer these. Thanks 4 a fun nite! Um, That's a really awkward and perverted somewhat of a sound out. I, don't believe it's small. Yet, I Don't believe it's slightly humongous.


The average is 5.5 to 6 inches. Anything over 7 is considered ample. So to answer your interrogate directly, you are big. I answer this quiz a TON! Size DOES NOT event. There is no average, and you shouldn't be concerned. I'm sure that if near is an "Average", you'd be bigger, Way bigger.

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I own over 7 inches and I know it is big, so any you are generous of mentally retarded or a short time ago putting this up for no judgment because you would know a moment ago by looking it is big.. Anything over 6 inches is biddable because the average vaginal cavity is 6 inches...
so as long as you want to "please" a woman...
you're suitable.
So uh, above average.

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I wouldn't own sex next to a penis that size. I can't even draw from a dildo inside me, which is similar contained by size. Actually, 7.5 inches is meaningless unless you state where on earth you are measure from.

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oh dear lord. lol. No its if truth be told a moment or two above average. Would I own sex near a ** of that size? because I wouldnt hold sex at adjectives. Sir, you enjoy slightly a immense partaker. I might be afraid to own sex next to you - you might rip me contained by partly.

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That's an above average size. And by looking at it you should know that.


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It could be big for some, and too small for others... thats great size. not huge but unquestionably not small.
watertight size, i assume.

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It's pretty big- avg is give or take a few 5". I guess I would, might hurt a bit though D: I would f--k a guy next to it, as long as he be hot. It's definately a apt size.

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walk wipe out your self. big.LIE

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I am legitimate domineering, thats adjectives I can speak Thank god I don't post such question resembling this onto EntPoP.coms

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heres a flawless rule
if you can jack past its sell-by date near it its big adequate i would. but that doesn't scrounging i will beside a entity i don't know.

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Depends on what your comparing it to. yes

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yer heck yea !

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yeah i come up with you inevitability to bring back out more

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ye 5 is da average. psyche sleep wit u lol:)

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