Whats a nympho?

what is a nympho

Is it normal that a 13 year old boy have not masturbated yet?

Answers:    Someone, as a rule womanly, that eat, breathes, & lives for sex. She dreams something like it, habitually playing it over so much within her mind that something she have never tried can be exceptional the first time done near another personage. She is insatiable & other equipped to play but that does not other fashion her a slut or whore, for she can be picky within her screening
so say the urban dictionary...however...

a REAL resource say

Calling someone a nymphomaniac or accusing them of nymphomania isn't something that can be defined by science. Nymphomania is a layperson's permanent status used to sticky label a woman, or a nympho, whose sex drive or sexual hum is subjectively deem too illustrious. The permanent status "nymphomania," is not scientifically significant simply because near are no specific criteria that would mark out a nymphomaniac. In other words, in that isn't a bearing to determine how much sexual desire or distraction is too much.
The clinical conditions that include the concept of large level of sexual desire and/or stir are hypersexuality and sexual addiction or compulsivity.

The medium features of these disorders are that sexual hum is an insatiable inevitability, regularly interfering near other areas of everyday functioning; sex is impersonal, next to no touching intimacy; and despite frequent orgasms, sexual entertainment. is largely not big.

Peeing problem?

a nympho-maniac is a human being that have an uncontrolable urge to enjoy sex. This is not indistinguishable as what most individuals telephone call a nympho.

Nympho-maniacs own sex not because they wallow in it so much, but because within is a short circut contained by their brain that cause them to do so. Most true nympho's will confess they don't really soak up sex, but enjoy an overwhelming urge to own sex.

There are nympho's and nearby are whores.

Penis problem...?

Someone who must hold sex adjectives the time.

See my source for more around nymphos.

Plez help me out?

its someone that cant find adequate sex used to describe a being addicted to sex.

but can also be used to describe some girl who made out beside the rest of the world except you...

Really personal sex question, for guys?

Haha yup a sex crazed human being. But you know you can find that stuff on google so yup. :) someone addicted to sex/ overactive libido/ addiction to sex.

Help on pulling my foreskin back, iam uncircumsized?

a slut a whore someone who have a significant sexual appetite someone who is addicted to sex...but you already know that didn't you?

Feeling cold all the time, numerous places thought the body?

my husband, definately! Sex user =D

Hi, I have a question?

a sex maniac Sex addict


I am 22 years old and in yesteryear year my erection has gone from 7 to 41/2 inches. i have gain no weight?

A girl I wanna assemble sex user

Why do men have orgasms fast?

some one who's addicted to sex.

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