White Stuff coming out of my nipple?

I be surrounded by the shower and notice some white stuff on my nipple so i squeezed and more come out. What can this be??

I'm 16 have no leg/Armpitt hair but hold pubic hair.?

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Normal vs. Abnormal
As a broad rule of thumb, the merely time when fluid should be leak from a breast is during pregnancy and breast-feeding. When it happen any other time, it is best to find the breast or breasts examined by a physician purely to be sure that within isn't some underlying vigour problem that wants to be address.
Leakage from Both Breasts
If fluid is leak from both breasts, probability are suitable that a obscured condition is affecting the unharmed body surrounded by a systemic style. This may be an endocrine problem. Another possibility is that some sort of medication could be the culprit. Many different kind of your garden-variety prescription drugs, including Prozac and birth control pills, are set to mess near the breasts. When both breasts escape, it might be a fitting theory to wages attention to any other symptoms that may come across unrelated, as they may adjectives be cause by indistinguishable entity.
Leakage from One Breast
When the fluid comes from only one breast, it is much more promising that the rationale is localized to merely that breast. Discharge from the nipple may be a sign of any one of numerous problems range from breast trauma to cancer.
Get it checked out!
-- correlation to this article/site: http://www.estronaut.com/a/breast_leakag...

While a milky nipple discharge is infrequent contained by men and contained by women who own never be pregnant, it does turn out. When it does, it is plausible to be cause by some underlying disease, chiefly when accompany by other change within the breast(s).
site interconnect: http://www.healthcentral.com/ency/408/00...

NOTE: YES, I read the quotes in the past I put them up. and yes, I did read this one too... and YES YES, I realize what it say.. I can not explain their wording... since no man I ever know have be pregnant? should possibly hold be two sentences? lol... anyway... the info I did not copy states "adjectives within final weks of pregnancy" this too may not other be a "set surrounded by stone Rule" --- ummm... only just as an example:
--- me - simply one I can engender an example of- seven pregnancies <six live births> and lactation begin surrounded by precipitate weeks... uh... and afterwards... powerfully.. it never did "dry out" three years subsequently? the drs have to prescribe meds to spawn the milk finally stop.
--only rule I ever found true -with almost anything related to "female" and especially where on earth pregnancy is concerned
-- no two are impossible to tell apart... not women, not 'issues', not cycles, even aching can not be measured respectively equal, and never are two pregnancies like peas in a pod -similiar sure, perchance... same... nope..
--so, while you may not be pregnant it may not be something to 'worry' over any. satchel surrounded by point; hormone pills may do this -
(also -- no offense, merely a thought? since surrounded by 'men's' form is this interrogate? a guy taking hormones might greatly okay do equal and also the info found at the following interconnect: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Male_lactat... )

Galactorrhea, or rude lactation, is a relatively adjectives problem that occur within approximately 20 to 25 percent of women. Lactation requires the presence of estrogen, progesterone and, most importantly, prolactin. Stress, suckling, sleep, sexual intercourse and medication may increase prolactin level, whereas dopamine inhibits its release
Estrogen and progesterone, found within oral contraceptive formulations and the medroxyprogesterone contraceptive injection (Depo-Provera), may basis lactation
Galactorrhea occur more recurrently after discontinuation of oral contraceptive pills than during prolonged use (similar to the hormone bill and lactation that can go down contained by the postpartum period).
Nonpuerperal lactation can also be cause by illicit drugs.
Galactorrhea can come to pass because of chest wall irritation from clothing or ill-fitting brassieres. It can also be cause by irritation related to skin conditions such as herpes zoster and atopic dermatitis. Burns enjoy be associated beside the nouns of galactorrhea
Many antipsychotic medication and metoclopramide (Reglan) enjoy lactogenic diversion because of their antidopaminergic effects.
With the increasing use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, more women are reporting galactorrhea as a side effect.12 As a result, researchers in a minute postulate that serotonin may hold a role surrounded by regulating prolactin secretion
<<<TABLE 2
Medications and Herbs Associated beside Galactorrhea >>>
---------- NOTE: I added that portion so if going wager on and forth among sites, you would know which have the enumerate of medication ----------------------------------------...
<<-----also since I am interupting already; yes, I saw "brassiers' aka bras and whoa... not one I would own thought... uhh.. since this is not an everyday occurance? vertebrae to the answer--------->>
one final article from this site - afterwards the link- I found it thru ask dot com... I include this because nearby are some serious reason on that site; and I solitary skimmed-but could not find this description you see past clicking over to the site:
Fluctuating hormone level, more than ever during puberty or menopause, may also end in lactation. ... At lowest possible four antihypertensive agents enjoy be reported to basis rude lactation

kay, basically so as much as possible is here and clear; definition and site of the word -
Galactorrhea or galactorrhoea is the spontaneous flow of milk from the breast, unassociated beside childbirth or nursing.
Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care define galactorrhea as "nipple discharge."

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Are you mannish or feminine? Female nipples own milk ducts within them and a small amount of lactation(which can be produced even when not pregnant) simply built up and be expressed. Usually thicker than milk, kinda approaching pimple pus, but unquestionably average, lol. Good luck! probably what girls do.... you know, when they own kids, they nurture them. :) don't verbs, it happen to me, it hasn't since, so I'm fine and so should you.

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Milk. Both sexes can and do produce milk, though surrounded by guys it is infrequent to produce satisfactory to be notice. milk, various those lactate for no intention save for hormone imbalance

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