I hurt my bipolar girlfriend (fiancee)...I hold doubts, what can I do? any counsel?

I have been with her for 9 months. She loves me and I love her to extermination but there's moments in which she goes crazy mad just about little things. We get into big fights over little things like: she get mad because I didnt let her pop my pimple...BIG FIGHT OVER THIS. For the past 4 weeks, she told me she's be trying so hard to control her Manic Bipolar Disorder and I have noticed because she's be talking to me and working things out whenever she gets mad or I gain mad. It never gets out of hand. Before that...she other wanted to be right even thought she was 100% wrong and no matter how unyielding I tried to talk to her, or how patient I am...I couldnt get to cooperate with her because she went crazy! until I leave her alone for a while or until I winding up up crying. If I start crying, she calms down and hugs me and says sorry. TODAY!! We got into a big quarrel and after all this time that I've tried to be so patient...we got into a exchange blows and I told her, can we please sit down and talk. She slammed the door, I got mad and we get into a fight. She got physical pushing me a little so I pushed her. She kept turning her put money on on me or walking around making me follow her. I grabbed her on the bed and told her to f**king listen to me for gods sake. She was other saying no and no matter how hard I tried to consult to her for over an Hour...all she did was do things or say things that would piss me past its sell-by date or irritate me even more. I got physical and grabbed her hard. I go crazy myself and pushed her and grabbed her alot. She has some purple spots on her arms because I kept grabbing her alot. After more or less 2.5 hours, she said she was leaving me but she always say that when we get into big fights so I told her I didnt give a damn. I get so mad due to all this that when I tried talking to her and she did things to gross me even more upset! I ripped her shirt off and grabbed her face and I put my facade right on her face and told her really loud: JUST TALK TO ME! CAN YOU PLEASE JUST TALK TO ME FOR A MOMENT AND ILL LEAVE YOU ALONE! PLEASE... I cried so many times. Then she said she was departure me for good. She left the apartment, I felt unpromising. She came back in and acted close to nothing bad really happened. I started crying and crying ceaseless saying sorry for hurting her and she was so caring and nice. She told me to forget something like it. Just like that...same thing happens within every fight, I end up crying or sad and she turns into this sweet, compassionate and loving person right after she was the craziest, meanest and most violent soul I've ever met. WHAT CAN I DO? I REALLY LOVE HER AND I WANT TO MARRY HER BUT I HAVE DOUBTS. I DONT WANT TO END UP HITTING HER BUT SOME TIMES I JUST WANT TO KNOCK HER OUT. I DONT HIT WOMEN BUT SHE TURNS ME PSYCHO FOR REAL! PLEASE HELP!
Best Answer: I think she is lucky to have someone that is of a mind to try. You love her and you are trying so very much. It is difficult with someone like that and its easier said than done when you have a condition like that. My suggestion would be to find some counseling that will help you both cram better ways to handle your emotions and communication to help your relationship. Your girlfriend desires to see a doctor and find out what help there is for her condition that will make things better. If she is already on medication consequently she needs to talk to her doctor and see if there is something that would work better for her. Not adjectives medications work on people the same. Maybe nearby are some bipolar support groups in your area that you can join. Apart from mortal with people that understand, they will know how to offer you and your girlfriend information that will make living with bipolar better. Learn as much as you can and it will give support to. I hope you find a way but always remain true to yourself. Sometimes love is not enough if its just you that is meeting halfway. You own to do what you have to do. If things can't change then you do inevitability to let go. I hope it works out for you.


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When 2 crazy persons trip up in love , they are bound to create a big inferno . Get away temporarily or for good to save adjectives the loving misery. Bor Hor Hor !

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Maybe she should see a psychiatrist and get medicated to control her moods.

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If you love her then stay with her and both take the help that you need as a couple. If you dont sort it out you are going to be hitting her more and more and making the situation worse and being an melancholy couple. Get the help and then help eachother. Help her near her bipolar. x

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Is she on meds? If she isn't, get her an appointment with a psychiatrist ASAP. Seriously. Medication can do wonders for people approaching your girl friend, okay? I admire you for wanting to stay with her, but it's not fair to you to hold to put up with that.

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two words: destructive relationship. go to counseiling or jsut leave it. This relationship can't create you happy, so what's the point?

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i agree with person below 2 crazy individuals is a crazy LOVE. u need someone to balence eachother out my x is fucked he used to take meds and stuff and now he wont help yourself to them and hes nuts and me i am apparentlly bipolar, but am really good at controlling my thoughts and moods most of the time haha, so honestly i dont think it will work bcuz thats a hrd grab if she have buises, and i dotn think u meant it but wen pushing and grabbing starts its USUALLY 99% of the time escalates, so u kno what it is probly for the best i used to duty llike i wanted to marry my x too too, but 2 crazy ppl=crazy love, 2 right ppl for eachother =right balenced luv, remember that.

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