Can St. John's Wort Make depression worse?

I have dysthymia and my therapist said I should be put on anti-depressants as soon as possible. but my mom didn't want to put me on them before I tried St. John's Wort And I of late took it for the first time and ever since i took it i have been shaking,feeling lightheaded, panic, and crying. Is this normal for the first use?
Best Answer: St. John's Wort has been reported to enjoy certain side effects, in particular: dry mouth, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, confusion, increased sensitivity to sunlight, and fatigue. Some of these symptoms are associated near depression, so if you're experiencing any side effects, it may seem that your depression's gotten worse. Try going off it for a few days, and see whether the symptoms subside. Also, St. John's Wort may interact adversely with other medicine, including antidepressants and oral contraceptives. If you're taking any of those, you should stop taking the St. John's Wort until you've double-checked with your therapist. Lastly, do note that there's some research indicating that St. John's Wort may not be as impressive for patients with dysthymia, as compared to patients with major depression.

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I never hear of that, but maybe it's not working for you. St. John's Wort gave me stomach ache.

Depression and Anxiety?

it's normal for the first week or so. any depression medicine can cause it to be worse. If you verbs to have this problem tell your dr you may need something else.

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Look into Wild Kratom and Salvia, both plentifully more powerful than St John's and a lot more efficacious.

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it really depends on your personality since results differ widely among people. if you are looking for an anti-anxiety later yes it is good for that but don't expect any great results from using it. i was on anti-deps last summer and have to quit because doctor said that it takes 9 months for them to really kick in. when i told her this and that i be not going to see her again it sounded like she didn't give a damn, she said ok and that was it. doctors don't aid that's the bottom line. if you plan on taking st. john's wort for depression then i think results will single be temporary and not really provide to lift you out of depression. for myself i see yoga as the only solution-pranayama and meditation -hardcore-you will catch sight of difference in yourself very quickly

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