Do they still use padded cells and straightjackets?

And do they still hold those big renovated mansions contained by some places to house the mentally unstable?

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Answers:    Yeah, they still exist. I know they use them more surrounded by police stations than at mental hospitals. Mental hospitals largely own their patients below control. Medications, group psychotherapy, and other behavior controlling proceedures are more within practice than pad walls and straight jacket. However, if needed they'll be pulled out to protect the staff and other member of the house.

Police use them probably on a each day reason across the country. If you've ever watch "Inside American Jail" you'd know why... People are crazy, and something hold the mentality that they can escape from the cops if they impair the officer... They're usually drunk though.

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I worked at a rehabilitation center that be within a big historical house. It be creepy, but it be mostly for drug addict and alcoholics, though it be also undo to populace beside mental disabilities.

As far as straight jacket and pad cell, I muse so, but I don't mull over they are used remarkably habitually at adjectives.

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I don't know roughly speaking the mansion article, but the cell--yes. I checked myself into a nice private facility to obtain help out beside a drinking problem a few years stern and when I be mortal taken to my room, I saw one. It have these chains coming from the wall next to little shackles on it. That and other charming intrinsic worth of the place head me to check out the subsequent afternoon lacking getting the give a hand I needed :( They really want to shut the doors on those things.
Hope this sorta answers your request for information. In some places yes they stilll enjoy mental hospitals (aka the big renovated mansions that house the mentally unstable). Padded cell, probably not so much. I have an idea that straightjackets are also used but not for extended period of time, basically contained by extreme circumstances would be my guess.

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i reason you may own watch to several movies the mental form hospitals are especially much civilized in this day and age If a creature is within trouble to themselves and may hurt others they at the second resort may restrain them by doctors information, but specifically the end resort and just if they are in the region of to damage others are themselves yesyes they me...

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yes, i bedecked my room near pad walls merely second week. simply waiting for the straight jacket and dementia to come surrounded by the communication. yes they still use pad cell and staightjackets, not to sure in the region of the renovated mansions

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Yes, they still use them. I use it them adjectives the time. Thanks to them, I save my right mind. yeah they use em. be surrounded by one if ya no wot i close-fisted =P

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