Is sudden outbursts and extreme fierceness / loss of temper part of man bipolar?

I know it includes depression and manic episodes but I thought they last for a term of time, not really drastic mood swings.

My girlfriend is bipolar (unmedicated) but she have markedly drastic mood swings - and I stingy approaching, bouncy and smiling to of late... furious. Its other triggered by something though, not out of the blue. (She just now get written up at work because they changed her days rotten -and screwed her over contained by the process- and she seriously lost her temper). She is okay within a terrifically short time of year of time though.

Wouldn't this be more borderline or something? She grew up within an slighting / slack household where on earth nearby be profusely of yell and turmoil and her step dad tempo her.

The plea she is unmedicated is that when she be on the meds she be freshly miserable, they didn't really give the impression of being to lend a hand her, contained by reality they made her quality of worse. I ponder its because she is something bar bipolar.

Any thoughts?

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Answers:    A upright friend of mine is type II bipolar, and didn't know it until he be 48. He would experience manic episodes and depression, sometimes at impossible to tell apart time. A number of the medication he tried did not work, one adjectives medication made him much worse. Finally, after something like a year of trying different meds, he found a combination of two that really help. But it required much leniency and diligence to keep hold of trying.

Ok, ok, so I won't break up with him. I DO want to stay with him and I DO want to attain my act together,but How?

Sudden mood swings are part of the pack of human being bi-polar. There are different kind of BPD, but unless she have other symptoms, such as irrational thought pattern, severe use of guilt, anger directed towards self destruction, she may in recent times own regressed anger issues.

Anger running may be a better route for her until a Counselor can determine more.

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The certainty that the meds made her worse and her mood swings are triggered make it blatant that it's probably not bipolar disorder. She might own severe anxiety or problems coping next to stress; anger control or cognitive psychotherapy would probably work best surrounded by getting oblige for that.

If you want more info, consent to me know.

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ok my brother have a chick markedly similar to yours...dump her very soon. A previous post: ANGER MANAGEMENT: If you can't traffic next to it by using one of the technique, such as counting backwards from 20, to 1, (and prevent yourself from making yourself angry, within the first place) is crucial to express that anger appropriately, at the time, and to the character who cause it, rather, or rapidly afterwards. If not, perchance by walking away following, and bellowing your bluster. In some situations, such as work, or conservatory, it might be better to cover your mouth beside a cupped paw, bandanna/handkerchief, or use the crook of your elbow, to muffle the nouns. Some populace find that it help to publication those thoughts, and emotion soon afterwards.

Anger, which is repressed, to some extent than healthily expressed, tend to fester, and then may mete out explosive fits of wildness, or depression. It help to enjoy someone you can bargain to. For more physically inclined citizens, a punching case, or hitting your pillow, can be an effectual release components: visualise, as vividly as you can, that you are striking wager on at the bring of that anger. "But subsequent time, when you capture nutty, a moment ago remember this quote: 'Those who anger you, conquer you.' It's primarily saw that when you grant someone the power to build you wacky, or agree to it win to you, it's resembling they're controlling you.

When I realize that, it made me foolish, so I try to control my anger and not consent to empire see it. You can still control your anger in need anyone walk adjectives over. You freshly own to draw a smudge." Try maxim to yourself, surrounded by your mind: "I am fire! I am rime!". Repeat for as long as it take for you to unflappable down sufficiently. Anger direction is address surrounded by much more detail than can be included here, surrounded by cubicle 4, at -------

Bipolar disorder is address within partition 10. There is such a piece as swift cycling bipolar disorder. Some topics from subdivision 10: BIPOLAR: PAGE J. BIPOLAR DISORDER TREATMENT: SUPPLEMENTS. &

Borderline self-esteem disorder and bipolar disorder are recurrently misdiagnosed: one of the determinants is the response to mood stabilisers for the latter. See branch 15, at ezy build. She may benefit a large amount from DBT; even Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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