What pharmacy can I procure generic adderall by Abrika brand or Eon brand?

I have be taking 10mg of aderrall generic and I perceive similar to it doesn't work and make me get the impression worse after something like an hour. I hear from ethnic group that different generic brands or smaller quantity potent. I hear Abrika brand and Eon are best and I would similar to to try them but I hold to find a pharmacy that carry those brands. Its not walgreens(only carry pharmacore) or CVS(only carry starts next to a m). Anyone know?

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Answers:    She is wrong! Generics may rise and fall between have a 20% complex, to a 20% lower amount of the involved constituent surrounded by the medication, and users, outstandingly those shifting from one generic brand to another, as in good health as those shifting from brand pet name to generics, necessitate to be aware of this.

All I can suggest is using Google; Earth and the phone book, trying different pharmacies according to distance away. From memory, WalMart have no generic Adderall, but here are weblinks surrounded by section 2, and 10, at ezy build. Target pharmacy? AD(H)D groups, contained by Myspace, Google, and Yahoo may know.

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Generic medication is regulated by the FDA. They adjectives own the exact same amount and worth of alive ingredient as the autograph brand journal.

What you should do is cause a dr's appt and explain what is going on. Let your doctor do the doctoring.

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I know walmart have the cheapest generic brand meds from what I've hear. Talk to your doc, I don`t know they can present you some sample and suggestions as ably. try walmart, step to their pharmacy on-line, or hail as and ask them. Good luck.

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