My 4 year old's stools are pale in colour and appear to float!!?

I'm sure I hear somewhere that this could be due to a deficiency of iron contained by her diet. Can anyone verify this or submission an explanation?
She have be outlook a bit tired this finishing couple of weeks and comparatively irritable too. Thanks for any warning.

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Answers:    Why do culture insist on asking medical question especially almost babies. Unless the character who answers is a qualified doctor / paediatrician you are asking for trouble. There are heaps reason for white stools, possibly diet perchance jaundice, possibly something even more serious. If you want medical suggestion cooperate to a doctor or ring NHS Direct on 08454647

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Stool that is to say white or grey may be cause by insufficient bile output due to conditions such as cholecystitis, gallstones, giardia parasitic infection, hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis, or cirrhosis. Bile salt from the liver make available stool its brownish color. If in that is decrease bile output, stool is much lighter contained by color.

Other cause of blond stool is the use of antacids that contain aluminum hydroxide. Stool may also temporarily become blond after a barium enema exam.

Pale stool may also be shiny or greasy, float, and be foul smelling, due to undigested cooking oil surrounded by the stool (see soft and smelly stool).

It may be best to contact your daughter's physician and request her stool be tested.

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Pale stools can sometimes indicate a parasite. You entail to transport a taster to the pediatrician, when you whip your child within, really soon. Some blood work will probably be done, also.

Do it soon, please. Good luck!

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Iron is something that should be recommended by a doctor, especially for a small child. I would hold the child to a peditrician. It can be anemia a deficiency of iron.Give her more red fruits and stuff what have greatly of iron.

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I don't know give or take a few the color, but floating mechanism plenty of fiber, and that's honest. Yours should float too, btw. furnish her some vitamins and some Actimel every daytime


My daughters are like peas in a pod - she eat a huge amount of fruit, this is the sense (apparently). Go to the doctor and pass her vitamins!

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Your feed him too much hay

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