What do I do when pinx doesn't minister to pinworms anymore?

Ok, I've gone through 3 bottles of pinx and I still enjoy the bastards. Like it seem as though it works for a 3 days or so, but after that they are newly rear and annoying the heck out of me. (I'm 21 and am over 190 pounds which is above the superlative dosage. I assume I get the things within my dorm that I lived contained by at academy.)

I've gone through cleaning my bathroom every afternoon, the toilet form, shifting my bed sheets resembling every day/every other year and my underwear. But they are still here pissin the hell out of me.

I go to a doctor and he tell me to lift the stuff again. Sure ample it didn't assist.

So what do I do presently? It's be over 5 months that I've have these damn things. And need to live contained by this constant infatuation of cleaning everything and making sure everything is correct is really really getting to me immediately. (Not to mention I get the impression approaching I'm within a state of constant depression because of these things, next to prominent black heaps beneath my eyes) I want my energy pay for to how it be.

Glucosamine and Hyperkalaemia?

Answers:    First, are you categorically constant they're pinworms? Do they come out surrounded by the evening, wriggle, and itch similar to crazy? Has your physician see them? I'm concerned that this may be a tapeworm a bit than pinworms. Tapeworm segment come out and wriggle, but typically don't itch so much.

There are other medication besides Pin-X. If you do own tapeworms and the Pin-X isn't working, you may want to try Mebendazole (Vermox). Mebendazole also kill whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms, merely contained by crust you hold those instead! Albendazole (Albenza) kill tapeworms.

Instead of an over-the-counter medication, you may stipulation a prescription medication.

It's also possible you're mortal reinfected. You're manifestly not man reinfected via your own surroundings, as you know how to prevent this. Gross as it may nouns, if you've be intake contained by like places, that may be the source of your pinworms. Food-service workers are a adjectives source of pinworm infections if they don't hose below their fingernails.

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