Why am I urinating alot?

OK its not even 10 o clock in the morning yet and I've gone to the toilet 6 times since i got up at 7 o clock and i have to get up twice during the night. I didn't have alot to drink yesterday (a bottle of river, a pint glass of water and a cup of tea) I'm not pregnant as i just finished my spell 2 days ago but did have unprotected sex 2 days before it was due but I wouldn't own gotten my period ? and these symptoms wouldn't show up already would they? I'm not overweight or anything and I've no health problems.. Just wondering if anyone can help me and notify me what's wrong with me. Thanks x No it doesn't hurt when i urinate
Best Answer: There are a number of things that could cause bladder problems. It's Probably a UTI. Go to the doctor and if you hold any pain before you can get to the department with an appiontment go to the ER. It's it's a bladder infection a antibiotics will be prescribed.
http://www.medicinenet.com/frequent_urination/symptoms.htm http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4RNTN_enUS327US327&q=frequent+urination+woman+causes+&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

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You could have a UTI. If it persist, you should see a doctor. edit: It doesn't have to hurt when you urinate for it to be a UTI. That symptom can arise later.

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sounds approaching a UTI IS A BLADDER INFECTION lady. haha

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all right join the club, i wee loads and loads i think its due to an over sensitive bladder. maybe you hold damaged your bladder recently by holding your wee into long for a reason. walk to you doctor they can help find the root to the problem. i wee about 20 times a day and 2-3 times surrounded by the night iv been know to go 5times within the night b4 too! i should have gone to the hospital for tests but approved against it. you shouldn't worry its quite a common problem, especially beside women. when im having alcohol i go every 20-30mins so annoying good career i dont drink hardly. good luck.

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Are you drinking coffee or tea? Those can cause you to pee as very well. Do you have pain urinating? like cut-throat blades, or burning? Do you feel that you have to pee, but when you try to go, nought comes out? If any of those are true, then you may have a urinary tract infection, go see a doctor. If you're in recent times peeing normal, what colour is it? If it's clear, then it's mostly likely lately a lot of liquid in your bladder, approaching a lot of water or such. Are you eating plentifully of vegetables like Celery? Things like that are mostly water. I don't ponder the sex or your period has anything to do with it. If this continues throughout the afternoon, I'd consider seeing your doctor. But it may be just "one of those things".

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any liquid you drink will cause you to pee :)

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Diaduit, you probably own a UTI - a Urinary track infection. Needing to frequently urinate is the number one symptom of a UTI. The infected urine in your bladder creates a very uncomfortable sensation...and you'll want to pee to be rid of it. Get to your kinfolk doc asap and give a urine sample to the lab. Your doctor will know from the results what kind of microbes he/she must treat, and will order which antibiotic you need to be on. Don't be ashamed...take support of this now, before this turns into a kidney infection. A kidney infection is incredibly painful, and trust me, you don't want to take to this point.

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you might have a UTI or bladder infection.

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