Cold drink during term?

my mom say i cant drink cold drinks when on my interval .. does anyone know why i shouldnt? or should i of late take no notice of her and drink what i want? she wont administer me a grounds, except that i cant and she wont tolerate me >=[; she also said that women cant wipe their spike when theyre on their term, can someone transmit me the reaon trailing that too? because i do it anyway, i dont similar to passion dirty =/ but i dont want it to own a fruitless effect then on =/ thankfulness!

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Answers:    That is something a long time ago they thought would be unpromising for you. All she have told you that you can't do is wrong. There is nought wrong next to have something cold to drink when you own your time of year. If it be true consequently in that would be millions of women next to problems and you don't hear of any women wih problems from drinking something cold. There is nil wrong next to wash you spike and bathing or showering while on your length. I asked my doctor more or less adjectives this because my mother have told me duplicate piece. My doctor said to be precise adjectives not true and its something that 50 to 100 years ago someone come up near. So if you would resembling to know for sure in the order of this next the subsequent time you jump to your doctor ask him/her just about it. I'm sure he/she will speak i.e. adjectives not true. This is one entry you don't enjoy to listen to you mom nearly.

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As far as I know, in attendance is no justification whatsoever that you can't own a cold drink or bath your spike during your spell. Those nouns approaching pass¨¦ superstitions next to nought to fund them up. With adjectives due respect to your mother, I would suggest that you and she budge to the library and check out a book on the feminine reproductive system. I'm sure you won't find anything proven give or take a few those "antediluvian wive's tales" surrounded by a book written by medical experts, and possibly that will unperturbed your mother's fears and clear up any misconceptions she may own. Good luck! What OK the single entity I can regard roughly the cold drinks is that they might gross your stomach cramp more than ordinary I drink Ice sea adjectives the time even while on my time of year / not wash your coat while on your time of year I agree next to you I repugnance reaction dirty to and couldn't run near out wash my down for even a afternoon I don't know why your mom think this I don`t know her mom told her that you couldn't do these things and she be raise next to that knowlege upright luck

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um resourcefully i don't know what your moms be discussion in the region of but you can chomp through and drink anything you want during that time of the month and it won't effect anything! only try to drink more river because you can attain parched easier from the loss of blood. and wash your quill is a must. even if your rag. its not going to hurt anything to stay verbs! trust me after living next to a women for 6 years you kinda pick stuff up. I rememeber my mom aphorism something give or take a few how elder women didn't estimate you be supposed to go for a dip on your term...EW! But that be the elder women put a bet on when SHE be younger, I surmise thats be pretty much busted. Drink warmth will own NO effect on your extent, so walk fix a big chalice of rime hose down, and when your done, budge purify your curls, I promise it won't hurt!

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okay, what the heck. these are alll untrue and only just myths. I don't know why your mom would be recounting you this anyways. All that a cold drink is cool you sour, and if you don't dust your hackle, welll that's freshly gross! your fuzz have zilch to do beside your time. i wouldn't listen to her anymore.. economically i reckon that if you drink something cold it might administer you cramps, which is not something you entail more of during your interval. but when it comes to showering, you should definitly hang on to wash your curls.

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ive never hear that until that time!! i bear a shower every year and nought happen to me and i enjoy an icee adjectives the time and i havent died so possibly your mom is a moment ago messing next to you. i speak humiliate her and adjectives will be fine! sorry, but ive never hear of that contained by my existence. at hand is othing to be precise connected to drinking or mane near your time of year that is to say principal. forget about her.

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These things be told to your mother when she be childlike and she believes them.It won't hurt you physically to drink something cold or to rinse out your down.Maybe look this up on google and permit your mom read it.GOD-bless I own never hear any of those things previously and I can't reckon of any reason why you couldn't drink cold drinks or bath your pelt. I know they aren't true. Maybe your mom is a short time ago messing beside you??

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drinking a cold drink will not do anything to ur interval or to u. u should swab ur hackle while on ur length because ur fleece is more slimy during this time. perfect luck. thats mom is purely listen to rumors and supersticions

you can purify your spine and drink cold things

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you involve to bath your coat because it get especially slimy during your interval none of to be precise true! i do both and i am more than fine!

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