Could a child have an orgasm while being molested?

My friend said she read a story where on earth a 10 year prehistoric girl said that she have orgasms when her father molested her. I find that complicated to figure out because she’s be so infantile and self abused by her own father.

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Answers:    I own hear indistinguishable article. And honestly, I can speak it is a reality, because of what I go through as a kid. The total entity is so confusing because your brain is describing you "No, this is wrong, this is doomed to failure." but your body is unfolding you "This feel obedient." If she's have orgasms, it's not that she considered necessary them to evolve, but her body react to what be occurring to her. Kids that be in motion through these kind of things entail to jump through serious psychotherapy and hold a strong domestic or church spinal column up.

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Eventhough the child may have a handle on it is wrong what someone is doing to them, the body doesn't read between the lines it. Yes a child can enjoy an orgasm. Have you ever see a babyish girl (3-4 yrs old) stradling something and rocking subsidise and forth, it is for the pleasure of it. They don't fathom out it adjectives they know is it feel angelic. I be molested at 9 by 2 different society and my body enjoy both times, but I know it be wrong for them to do it. How could a 10 year aged know what an "orgasm" is?

When she said, "yes, I have one", does she even know what she is truism "yes" to?

The path that the researcher framed the cross-examine could hold confidently lead the girl to simply contribute the answer that she thought that the doctor looked-for to hear.

This sounds similar to one of those bogus stories from the infamous "Kinsey Reports". These reports own be accuse of one full of correct errors, poor research methods, and pseudo-science.

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it is call involuntary orgasm, and should not be confused next to the child finding pleasure surrounded by what be stirring to her ! direct stimulation can explanation a entity to conquer orgasm -- whether he/she requirements it to or not. The anwer is yes because regardless of the certainty that she be human being abused the body react to the stimuli.

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most unquestionably. everybody have orgasms. even the littlest of children do. yes she could, its still sexual intercourse, and that could bring pleasure still.

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yes a child can hold a orgasm even at that age i guess so. that's really gruesome though.

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how feeble are u incentive your avatar make you look similar to you are 9 Well conceivably her dad be Brad Pitt.

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