Do your birth control pills ever brand name you "mean" and bitchy?

My 20 y.o daughter have be taking the pill for 1 yr and she have a short time ago be AWFUL to be around... she hate everything and everyone! Wondering if it could be her birth control pills??

I need help?

Answers:    Yes they do, what you entail to do is articulate to the doctor or place she get them from. There are so frequent different pills very soon. You purely own to find the right one for her. Sounds resembling possibly those pills she is taking, is pushing her hermones for a time to far. Check it out, righteous luck.

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Yes it can!
I am 20 as powerfully and own be on the pill for in the region of 4years. It adjectives depends on the strength she is on, how much hormones she is getting through the pill and simply her bodies intuitive approach of dealing beside it.

I go through some doomed to failure pills as capably (hair falling out, and discouraging mood swings)

She should move about backbone to her gyno (or regular doctor) and hold them switch her to a hot kindly until she can find the one to be precise best fit for her. No one should enjoy to live near that, near is other something out in that that works its only just the concern of time until you find which one

Goodluck to you!

Just making sure?

It exceptionally all right could be. Birth control pills are made up of any estrogen or progesterone, and commonly a combination of the two. If her mood swings are unacceptable, she may want to enjoy the dosage in the swing of things. Have her progress subsidise to her OB/GYN and request a different dosage. Also, flax core, sub lingual vitamin B-12 back while decreasing the intake of caffeine and sugar during her time of year. I individually can't whip birth control pills, use the patch, or own an IUD beside hormones. I guess my hormones are readily increased and when I own a short time ago that extra little bit from contaceptives nominated above, I am SUPERBEEYOTCH! I'm 23 and when I be 16, I started "THE PILL". My period brought horrendous cramps so I get on it for that grounds and that sense merely, so I thought at most minuscule. When I get married, I found out a month after that I be pregnant. After I have my first, I tried the pill again. I thought my husband be going to enjoy me committed to a mental institution to be brutally honest. I be horrible. I stopped them, and he be deployed for 7 months. Over those 7 months, I tried the patch for 2 months, and have an IUD for 1...I hastily found out that the IUD be inserted incorrectly and get a uterine infection. I be AWFUL to be around when on BC. When he come home, I get pregnant right away...and oh my gosh! Those hormones be RAGING! I know I be person a "B" though. I also know in attendance wasn't a darn item I, or anyone could do more or less it. I feel bleak, but I freshly have to agree to it did everyone else around me. So contained by answer to your interrogate, Yes, they DID form me miserable and bitchy. Every dosage artificial me that I'm not sure what to suggest. Good luck...I'm sorry you enjoy to jump through it. If your daughter is resembling me, she loves you but when she's moody, you are the first soul she take aim at. I'm sooo sorry!

Kind of weird question but...?

i hold be on so frequent different types of bc, and i started youngish (18). it wasn't until two years or so ago i realize that the bc be affecting me and my mental state. i blamed it on so lots things, college, stress etc. it merely so happen that i stopped taking them for a while (because i couldn't afford my prescription) and started realize the tuning. i switched to yaz, which by far be the best for me, but even that artificial my mood and libido. so i'm through beside artificial hormones, one-sidedly. i'm going to try other methods; possibly contained by a few years they'll come out near something that have smaller number of an effect for me at least possible afterwards i'll try again. Yes, it could be. I be on mine for with the sole purpose 2 months but my mood swings be so awful neither me nor my familial could put up beside it, so I stopped taking them. However, after a year I have an idea that her hormones should own in synch to it, so it could be something else. Just distribute her some TLC :)

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I have to stop taking orthotricyclen for that vastly aim. I can nick orthocyclen a moment ago fine but the extra smooth of hormones surrounded by the tricyclen make me psychotic!! Get her to discuss to her Dr. This can be a simple fix, only shifting pills. Yes, they did that to me. I tried different brands and tried them at different times within my duration. I have to stop using them. I'm pretty sure they contributed to my mom's problems when she be younger too.

Some family do in recent times fine next to them, but some of us don't.

Is this normal for a teenage girl? fiancee be on them, she be taking yasmin.

She be horrible deeply of the time, not really uncomplicated to go and get along beside, stingy, severely excited, etc, etc.

She's past its sell-by date them very soon and so much better.

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yep that can surface.

happen to me a few years ago...just I used the BC pills as an excuse to permit my authentic sense of self come through :-)

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it me a psycho exciting bioootch lol yes they do

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No but my P.M.S. does!

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