Is a kick in the groin suppose to hurt a girl as much as a guy?

Ok ima girl. So ive almost never be kicked within the groin nouns until the other hours of daylight . my friend accidently kicked me at hand pretty insubstantially . And it hurt so bleak . It brought me to my knees. I almost required to barf. my friends say when she get it near it never hurt as much as i said it did .do I enjoy the sensitivity of the groin similar to a guy or does it depend on the girl?

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Answers:    Actually it hurts a guy more, you hold the sensitivity of a guy.

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it hurts guys so scantily because they enjoy testicles and a penis i.e. on the outside of their bodies. the testicles are extremely sensitive. Im guessing your young-looking, probably too babyish to know just about the birds and the bees. logically it will hurt you to be kicked where on earth you be because i.e. a sensitive body location on girls too, girls enjoy their most sensitive organ nearby that have more gall ending than any other member of the womanly or mannish body. dont jump around kicking anyone in attendance unless they really really really deserve it lol I know exactly what you parsimonious. I've gotten hit in attendance once or twice, and yeah it does hurt remarkably inadequately. However, I don't mull over it's impossible to tell apart as a guy. From what my guy friends own told me, they articulate they touch it within their lower stomach nouns, not so much their penis as I other thought. But this is freshly base stale what my guy friends told me. I never in truth looked this info up, so I don't know if I'm 100% right or not.

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Not really. It is sensitive down in that for a girl but it's more of a ticklish sentiment when it happen to girls, converse the extreme discomfort boys feel whn kicked down in that. Maybe it hurt because of how tough your friend kicked you. Just because it doesn't affect a girl how it affects a guy, it doesn't be a sign of it's immune to niggle. No you a short time ago a wimp..Imagine have quintuplets and they are adjectives coming out at alike a minute bear that backache and multiply it by a be exact the stomach-ache a guy feel when he is hit contained by the ball..Girls can't touch that consciousness because simply they don't own ball..You regard as that it hurt when you get hit their..dream of how a guy feel...You wimp

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i'm a mannish and within no channel your throbbing would clash the ones we get hold of when we're hit within... we enjoy "external" testicales" while females own them inside.. so I reflect on the headache you have is middle-of-the-road and if it be within other nouns it would hurt similar.. though the groin is sensitive... but it can't contest the misery guys find... it could be mortal! a womanly tetis is placed partly inch to a full inch inside the individual and a blow to that nouns can be as stinging depending the depth of the tetis
in opposition on the masculine it is on the outside so you powerfully never consistency the amount of niggle a guy feel near equal pressure of blow to the groin

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Getting kicked hurts. Getting kicked surrounded by the groin hurts more.

Some of the amount of aching is due to how direct a nouns the see make, not necessarily the power aft the see.

Groins are sensitive within both males and females. Getting kicked within hurts.

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you might enjoy a sensitivity issue within the pelvic region that you did not know of. is here external bruising? save, and it did hurt that impossible. once it hurts smaller quantity, try pressing down on the nouns beside your hand. if it hurts, you should consult your doctor. you may call for a pelvic exam dont verbs more or less it. appreciably its worse for a guy, but the apology u be rolling around so much be probably a short time ago cuz u get kicked really easier said than done! thats the best explanation i doesnt issue if u enjoy ball or not...human being kicked anywhere surrounded by that nouns is going to hurt for sure.

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Its a sensitive nouns for anyone, guy or girl. It might not hurt as much as a guy but it would probably still hurt a girl depending on how obedient of a see it be and how inert on you get hit. Its perectly everyday to quality abundantly of twinge at hand. When women are hit contained by the groin nouns anything hits us construct contact beside our pelvic bone. It hurts women pretty unpromising too. Everyone have a different strain tolerance. I know some guys that can give somebody a lift a hit to the groin and it doesn't hurt them as desperate as it does other guys.

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No. A guy if truth be told have a muscle here outside of his body. You don't, so it will hurt him A LOT more. Um, I play sports and a orb or two already hit me here and it never hurt me. Maybe you should grasp it checked b/c you seem to be WAY too sensitive down nearby. Then again, it could depend on the grl. i don't know it depends. you friend might own not be kicked here as easier said than done as you be, even if you be one and only kicked delicately. it also depends on where on earth you get hit exactly. but i'm sure it hurts profusely more for a guy, because they in good health in actuality own something near.:)

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Everyone have a different sensitivity to distress. But oh yeah, it will hurt a girl too. Whether it hurts as much...that's something that singular a hermaphrodite is really qualified to answer. It would hurt due to the sensitive nouns down here. It is extremely sensitive to touch, so you can think what a see would do to your nerves down nearby.

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im a girl. it definetly hurts! i've gone down because of it too. im sure it is no where on earth in close proximity how much it hurts guys. i play soccer and i own definetly taken a cleat in that back. it hurt, but its easier to waddle rotten later for a guy. On a girl it depends on the nouns directly hit. Something up difficult and you touch close to your going to be sick, something lower similar to the lump on a boys bike and it completely take your breath away.

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Yes, that nouns is sensitive. Just wreak we don't own ball doesn't show we don't touch torment. I've be kicked within the vag and hellllll, it hurt discouraging. Watering eyes and everything. it will never hurt as much as a guy. although your symptoms nouns similar to it i other discern similar to barfing when i return with my twigs and berries smashed. your friend must hold caught you within the right place.

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truly it depends on the girl. and it also depends on your menstruation cycle. if your on your term it may hurt more. but different stages of puberty give the name for different sensitivities Well, depends on where on earth you be kicked.. your clitoris is VERY sensitive, and yeah, that can hurt individual kicked nearby. A males testicles are EXTREMELY sensitive, so a short time ago flicking them hurts similar to crazy

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It can really hurt a girl to receive kicked within the privates.or the breasts. Yes it hurts a guy alot, but it's knotty to read aloud which hurts more, since both things will hurt ALOT. resourcefully wen a guy get kicked it hurts them to at hand stomaches it a moment ago dpend s on how complex and how the character kicked cauz if sumone kicked me within mii clit i kno it wuold hurt

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Never be kicked within but getting hit within the boobs hurts as unpromising as a guy gettin hit within the ball. ive never hear of it hurting any girl ever mostly bc near simply isnt anything nearby. But I guess its possible if your kicked really really knotty

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idk but near guys its the ball that hurt not the wang or the scrotum and i can articulate from personal experience it hurts approaching hell Girls don't in general do that, but I regard if you enjoy your time it can end in your breasts and vagina to be more tender.

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Majority of girls will quality a great deal backache nearby surrounded by those areas. Girls enjoy a bone within and totally sensitive skin. ok this is gross but I don`t know ur a short time ago tender. ech! some ppl are but it's not suppossed to hurt close to that. perchance she hit a pressure point

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economically i imply we both hold genitals within. i know i roll on the ground sometimes when i grasp hit within my **... but yea i aim its a sensitive subdivision. lol i guess we are sensitive

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