My vagina and peroxide...?

I poured peroxide within my vagina, and it feel really WEIRD!
Someone told me to do it to prevent yeast infections and presently I'm thinking this personality must not close to me because it doesn't quality close to I've made a outstandingly fitting choice. What should I do? Please solely answer this interrogate if you HAVE a vagina.

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Answers:    lol XD you are a hysterical personality... but it shouldn't hurt you much... a short time ago don't do it again if it hurt... and to prevent yeast infections a short time ago guzzle thriving and sleep lacking underwear for a while...

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You call for to get hold of a douche rucksack (wow that be unnatural to type) and simply put thaw out hose down within it, rinse out what you enjoy basically done. DO NOT douche next to any of those vinegar/water things or redolent things they go. DO NOT ever put anything up near! you probably only kill past its sell-by date adjectives of your run of the mill floura (good bacteria) and could GET a yeast infection. the with the sole purpose item ever ok is a small amt of plain yogurt you can put up here to assist a yeast infection, or of late a touch melt hose down once within a while but for 99 percent of the time surrounded by a womans life span NO NOT DOUCHE, it is un=needed and cause more problems capture that peroxide out beforehand it burns you, and tomorrow travel and punch that girl surrounded by the obverse for individual an idiot Oh dear, if anything it can CAUSE a yeast infection, not to mention irritation and possibly a chemical burn. I really would recommend going to the doctor.
Peroxide is used for massacre germs, but it can also murder the perfect germs within your vagina that keep horrid germs similar to yeast at cove.

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o i own have this prob since next to my pussy cat to! its relatively simple to do a short time ago nurture her some dog food for a week.
My cat is black beside white paw it weigh just about 10 lbs and his toes are not clipped he walk near a slight lime ever since he get hit by a midnight blue mustang convertible next to brown leather interior and XM satellite radio it be 12 o'clock and raining out side the atmosphere be at 50% humidity and it be 70.467 degree out kitty also cant hear out of lis disappeared ear and his right eye have fall out. when she get showery she shivers and her body temp drops to nearly 78 degree C. i wouldn't own done that. i would clean it out asap. i don't see what could come to pass that would be unchanging wound.

why would hold to prevent a yeast infection? what would fashion you presume you would be getting one?

if you connote that you hold one...subsequent time, try yeast infection can buy them over the counter at any drug store.

lay rotten the peroxide.

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to prevent yeast infection you stay verbs, not fundamentally tight pant and verbs hand. vagina is self cleaning so please don't use any douche.. ask your gynecologist he/ she will report you it's true. don't verbs, if it's bothering you within anyway see your DR.. Wow. That be not a deeply correct concept. I know that it is a disinfectant, what I don't know what would arise if you poured it on your vagina. Maybe you should travel to a doctor or something...

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