Pill directions -- Take 1 tablet every 3 days?

I'm taking Fluconazole tablets for a yeast infection... what does it show when I'm given medication directions "Take 1 tablet every 3 days for a week"

I don't imagine I'm that much of an idiot but I'm liberal of confused as to what these directions be a sign of. Should I lug the pill after 3 days or on the 3rd afternoon?

I took the first one today (Thursday) should I rob the subsequent one Saturday (the third day) or Sunday (3 days after the first one)

Any facilitate would be appreciated. Thanks! Even if you don't necessarily know for sure any planning would be appreciated.

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Answers:    Hi, you would bear the pill 3 days after the later time you took it. So if you took a pill on Thursday you would whip it again on Sunday; Friday (1), Saturday(2), Sunday(3 days later). If you want to be sure, you can call for and reach a deal to your actual Pharmacist, not the tech, that process you do not enjoy to loaf for the doctor to send for you backbone. Pharmacists have to walk through years of training (I believe it is 6-8 years), where on earth adjectives they studied be medication. I hope this help

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Okay every 3 days money filch it every three days. If you took the first pill today (Thursday) pinch the subsequent pill 3 days from presently...which is Sunday next the subsequent Wednesday, count three days...its not that knotty. You don't count the year you took it, you start the subsequent light of day so close to Thursday, Friday (1), Saturday (2), Sunday (3)...create sense? There's a varying dosage...according to wiki

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I say aloud every 3 days, taking it on Sunday. Call your doctor if you're unsure, they'll probably pilfer two minutes to hand over you an answer. :3 Just to be on the past the worst side it's probably best to contact the pharmacist where on earth you get the medication and if they aren't get underway another pharmacist should be of some relieve. I did a flush on it and found some info but it may be best to ask the pharmacist. If it say one every 3 days that could connote 1 pill every 72 hours. Do you know what time you took the pill? Here's one connection in the region of it mentioning almost the dosing every 72 hours. Some meds stipulation to be spaced out a spot on number of hours, days, or weeks (sort of approaching how ethnic group call for to apply a patch once a week if it's a birth control one so that they achieve the right amount of the medication). http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full...
"Methods After inducing clinical remission beside open-label fluconazole given within three 150-mg doses at 72-hour intervals,"

This correlation http://www.drugs.com/cons/fluconazole.ht... timetabled abundantly of other medication including Tylenol (Acetaminophen), antacids, estrogen, oral contraceptives and much more meds that could possibly interact beside this medication. Hope you told your dr. what other meds, even over the counter you may be taking earlier taking this medication.

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