What do women feel when being penetrated?

I know this is sensitive of a abnormal examine but I hold other wondered.

What do women consistency as a penis moves within and out of them? I don't close-fisted how "good" or "bad" it feel, but instead in recent times how it feel for something to progress inside similar to that?

Abs for a girl?

Answers:    it depends on the size of his penis. its sort of a response of fullness and pressure. when i hold sex next to my bf i contract my vagina around his penis but i cant rly communicate the chief from the shaft

Am I Going to DIE???

Hard to put this surrounded by words. Depending on the size of the penis and the current lubrication, it feel different. I've in actuality be beside one guy that be so small I feel zilch! And anal feel close to alot of pressure. huh
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Girls only is this normal?

No you can't convey the difference between the shaft and the boss.

It feel approaching glory!!

First period? (girls preferably )?

place a small amount of pressure on you arm next to your different appendage and rub vertebrae and forth ---- at hand is you answer

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