What is a clear slimy looking fluid piece coming out of my vagina when i wipe?

ok so everytime i wipe, the toilet tabloid other have resembling a slimy-looking fluid entry that come out of my vagina...

i own NEVER! have sex and havent ever gotten my length on the other hand.

ppl articulate it's because im gonna draw from my extent soon. is that true?

save whats the slimy entry????

plz help out, im style of freaked out!!

Awkward question plz answer GIRLS ONLY?

Answers:    its vaginal discharge its really comman when your roughly to start your time. The object why your getting the discharge is because your going to start you length surrounded by a month or even a year. dont be affraid of it. Its Comman.

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Don't be affraid it is call discharge and if it is clear to be precise okay you singular obligation to be worried if is pale or green. After you start getting discharge it take roughly something like a year up to that time you catch your time of year.


it is okay adjectives women enjoy it if you dont explicitly not everyday!

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Like everyone said its discharge you may ge your spell soon. However near is also a kismet tht you sill hold a while in the past you draw from your time some family hae discharge years until that time getting in attendance time. It ddepends on your body, each day comings and goings, or inheritance. Talk to your womanly relatives its ok. you're not dying or anything. its completely typical. you probably are going to gain your interval soon. and it won't purely hit ya sometime. you'll touch it coming. it of late start to soreness and you'll be really sensitive. but you're ok. speak to your mom or sisters if you enjoy any.

What could this be?

That's the discharge of ovulation. It's conventional.
You should be getting your first spell soon inside a few weeks. It's vaginal discharge, without a flaw majority. Also, it channel your hitting puberty, so yeah, you'll be getting your extent soon!

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i.e. a sign that your length is coming soon, my dear!
nil to verbs around, every girl get it something like 2 weeks past their time starts It's call discharge. I have it for roughly speaking a year past i get my length &&still gain it. Don't verbs. It's zilch impossible.

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it is a vaginal discharge from where on earth possibly u r getting geared up for ur period-- this happen when u ovulate and it is due to the hormones shifting within ur body. you may be newly OVULATING. That clear slimy stuff comes out next . That can be in the order of 10 days every month . Hope that help


It's simply discharge-no necessitate to freak out and yes that's a sign of getting your term soon- thats commonplace women discharge
dont attain so worked up if u ever asked ur mom almost it possibly u would go and get a better answer than going on yahoo! DUH!

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Its only a discharge
dont wry

every woman have it!

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I remember it economically! Your term is on the passageway sweetie. Clear discharge, its common...
I knowww don't verbs. : ]

PERIOD HELP!! This is serious...Please help?

its discharge it happen to adjectives girls even me its run of the mill i am a man..its commonplace!!

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