What is the difference between "uterine fibroid" and "uterine myoma" ?

what is the difference between "uterine fibroid" and "uterine myoma" ?

Are the two like peas in a pod?

please share your source of information.


I have been have very heavy discharge 4a whilee presently. and my period has not come contained by a while like about 5 week

Answers:    They're one and the same.
A myomectomy is the removal of uterine fibroids.
It's essentially a slow growing tumor.

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in good health... my restricted intelligence is that a fibroid is fibrous tissue and a myoma... myo comes from the latin word aim muscle which would be going to the lump is surrounded by a muscle nouns or made up of muscle tissue.

approaching endemetroisos is within the endometrium but ademyosis are fibroids surrounded by the muscle of the uterous vs the endometrium pool liner...

so the uterine myoma would be a mass contained by the tissue I believe..

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I am not sure, but I have a mass of uterine fibroids which be fairly big so I have to enjoy a hystectomy. I am so glad that I did as I be sentiment so under the weather prior to the operation. I am in a minute 10 weeks after op and am sentiment better. They're indistinguishable, different name for same item.

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uterine fibroid tumors ( myomas ) also know as uterine fibromas
Just different words for indistinguishable article.
Look them up within a dictionary if you necessitate a source or google them.

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