Why is it so easier said than done to hold your pee just when you reach the frontdoor? And is that a typical girl entity?

I enjoy to confess that I peed myself at my frontdoor a week ago while trying to find the switch contained by my purse. I totaly soaked my panties, jeans, socks and sneakers and vanished a huge puddle. This is the second time I peed my pant as an full-grown (I’m 22 btw) and both times it be exactly impossible to tell apart situation, trying to find the switch while crossing my legs and not man competent to hold it anymore. And I might join that I be 100% sober both times so it have nought to do near alcohol.

To my surpise a friend of mine confessed that she once have alike experience, she said it is call the "keyhole syndrome" target that the closer you go and get to the bathroom the harder it is to hold it.

Has anyone else peed their pant purely outside the door or surrounded by any other situation?

Two questions...?

Answers:    I judge it have more to do next to your brain knowing how close you are to the toilet so it will relay your bladder to step. I dont suggest its only just a girl entity because my husband whos 46 have to run to the toilet ... I guess its a watery bladder dealing beside a strong mind. LOL

More than pms?

Yeah, I noticeably know that! The closer I bring to the door the more I hold to pee. Worst is the elevator ride (I live contained by the 5th floor), that's when I really permit fly near the pee foxtrot. Then when at the door: crossing my legs and more pee dance while trying to stretch out. Then finally: rushing to the bathroom...and sometimes not making it. LOL I enjoy never in actual fact peed by pant in the past making it to the toilet.. but you are so right! I find it the hardest when I bring back to the bathroom and unbutton and unzippering.. to be exact when the pee spring take full effect! I am 22 by the passageway also.. it must be a girl piece.. lol

Another girl question?

omg yes to be honest [and though its embarrasing] its happen to me more next once

for one complete week i even have a overactive bladder [ yes during a week of academy ugh!] and i have to simply run to the bathroom everyday after arts school and every possible destiny i have

Has anyone ever used?

not at the front door. How something like, when u first wake up up and cant move speedy satisfactory? When u cant untangle ur legs from the covers or bring back the dogs stale ur legs and when u finnaly get hold of up. Ur running down that long upstairs hallway contained by the depressing, just to pee on ur self right at the bathroom door at 3am. ooohhhh me. whenever i'm waiting for something. approaching for my cd tray to unequivocal up or if i'm looking for something extensively i carry this attitude that i call for to pee insanely discouraging however i've never peed myself but i've come veryyyy close

Stretch marks??

i know what you expect i own to pee so i stir i side and when i find close to the bathroom it feel close to i am ganna burst Same next to me. I achieve within the bathroom and I showery myself. That have happen roughly twice since I be fully potty trained.

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Its a mental entry. The verbs of the front door/bathroom triggers you mind which triggers your bladder. ur bladder cant hold the extra flow..it have to run some where on earth..pssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

Girls only?

Mental item, typical. Try getting your key out and hold the door push button earlier you catch out of the coupé. Also, try doing kegals, which will strengthen the muscles to help out hold it. Or, if it really bothers you, verbs over to move about on the opening home a bit than continue.

I've be close but never in actuality, and for may it usually kick surrounded by a few minutes after getting inside, esp. on the agency to the bathroom, as dead set against upon unlocking the door.

Totally on a side data, but apparently that situation you have is a type of fetish turn on for rather a few guys, so don't quality so discouraging. :)

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Do not unease, everyone have that problem! So you know what your kidneys verbs and filter out your system, right? So what happen is, when you go and get to the door, they travel down to the bladder via the ureters [think little tubes travelling down to your bladder]. It fill up 3/4ths of your bladder. So when you go and get down to your ultimate moments and are fiddling next to the keyhole, your bladder relaxes and allows a short time bit more juice to run down to your bladder, once again via your urethra. Therefore, you be aware of more pressure, and whapow, you in recent times peed on yourself.

Hope I help. : )

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